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The Meta Quest 2 is a portable VR headset, but it’s also fragile. The controllers, processor, and lenses are easy to damage and difficult (or impossible) to repair. Protection is essential, so we decided to give the JSVER Meta Quest 2 Carry Case a try. It promises an easy fit, hard shell, and compact design. How did it fair? Read on to find out.

Testing the JSVER Meta Quest 2 Carry Case

We prefer to actually put our products through the ringer before reviewing them. It takes time to properly vet a new piece of metaverse gear, and setting it aside only to forget about it for months isn’t very useful. So, I actually took this case along with me on a few travels – including my move across the country. How did it hold up?

Compact Design

I’m a heavy traveler – especially when I moved from Tennessee to Arizona. I had to fit as much into my Jeep as possible, and then some. Obviously, nice and snug fits were vital here.

The JSVER Meta Quest 2 offers just enough room to fit the headset, controllers, charger, and after-market head strap – no more. A compact design was clearly the goal, and this thing pulls it off nicely. Its space is limited even though it fits the essentials nicely.

Snug Interior for your Meta Quest 2

This is probably the best part of the JSVER Meta Quest 2 carry case. A lot of people don’t know this, but the controllers are designed to fit together. Just push each controller’s handle into the other controller’s loop. Once you do that, they’ll fit perfectly in place just behind your headset.Oh, but don’t forget to place the charging nugget under them (don’t worry, it’ll stay in place, too).

They remained in place for each of my trips – including the cross-country drive. The headset also remained snug in its place. The interior features a small strap that plays a big role in preventing unwanted movement. The top flap features a mesh pocket to store your charging cable and manuals. I also recommend storing the controller batteries in here.

If you have an after-marketing head strap (such as the CNBEYOUNG Adjustable Head Strap), it’ll fit nicely into the empty space next to the controllers.

However, there is still just enough room for the controllers to sometimes shift a little and activate. This will drain your batteries if you’re not careful. I recommend taking them out.

It’s worth nothing that your Quest 2 won’t stay in place if you accidentally open the case upside down, even if the strap has been fastened. You’ve been warned.

Hard Shell Exterior

Honestly, I’m pretty apprehensive about dropping my packed Quest 2 from any real distance, even in a protective case. However, I can say that it packed well and held strong even after it was stored for a few days under heavier items.

I did manage to force myself to drop it from a few feet high. The controllers and headset still worked perfectly fine after.

The JSVER Meta Quest 2 Carry Case’s Accessories

The carry case does include a few accessories to help protect your headset while traveling. A convenient strap connects to rings placed on each end. A lens protector also covers the goggles while traveling. A silicone mask is included as well, and I’d say it’s just as comfortable as the one I already had.


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