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Ruffy World in V/R
Meta Ruffy News

Meta Ruffy Releases V/R Demo of Ruffy World Via Telegram

Meta Ruffy CEO Cihan Sasmaz released a video via the platform's Telegram channel of his avatar exploring Ruffy World in virtual reality. The video (which…
Snapple's metaverse bodega in Decentraland

Snapple Enters the Metaverse with the First (and only) Blockchain Bodega in Decentraland

Snapple just entered the metaverse by setting up its flagship Bodega store in Decentraland. It has all the colorful vibes of a well-stocked 90s corner…
Exploring the Metaverse

Someone Built an FF7 Midgar Area in Second Life and it’s Amazing

Midgar is a pivotal city in Final  Fantasy VII, one of the franchise's most iconic titles (and one that itself has become a sub-franchise). The…
Breaking Tornado Cash News

BREAKING: Treasury Department Might Jail INNOCENT Crypto Holders

Note: We are not offering legal or financial advice. We also are not endorsing or opposing any political candidate or party. This is an opinion…
Differences between Web3 and Web 3.0
Consumer Guide
The Differences Between Web3 and Web 3.0
New Ruffy World area reminiscent of Hollywood
Meta Ruffy News
Teaser Tweets Reveal Meta Ruffy’s New Ruffy World Areas
Woodstone Mansion in Decentraland
Exploring the CBS “Ghosts” Metaverse Experience in Decentraland
LooBr Certik Glitch
Meta Ruffy News
CERTIK Glitch Forces LooBr to Relaunch its Token
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