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Pedigree Fosterverse island in Decentraland

Fosterverse: Pedigree Using Metaverse to Promote Fostering Rescues

Pet food titan Pedigree has teamed up with adopt-a-pet.com to build its first metaverse presence in Decentraland. The goal: use "Fosterverse" to help rescues find…
A look at the new UI for Ruffy World
Meta Ruffy News

Meta Ruffy Announces New Updates, Comedy Show

Meta Ruffy CEO Cihan announced a slew of new updates and expansions to the Ruffy World platform during a livestream video today. Many of these…
Infiniverse zombie apartment in the Multiverse Oculus App
Multiverse for the Oculus Quest 2

Multiverse (Oculus App) Releases Limited-Edition Zombie Survival Apartment Skins

Most apartments in the Multiverse Oculus app are limited to a few standard cliche layouts with basic furnishings. I mean, they look nice as individual…
The entrance to Cloud Edge in Second Life
Exploring the Metaverse

Cloud Edge: Exploring a Breathtaking Mountain Trail in Second Life

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: one of the best aspects of exploring the metaverse is finding incredible, unique experiences born straight…
The cottage featuring Roadside Treasure's Valentine Candy Hunt
Exploring the Metaverse
Valentine Candy Hunt: the Perfect SL Hunt for Newbies
A student in the metaverse looking at a virtual chalkboard that's filled with code
Consumer Guide
An Empirical Analysis Of Education Using Metaverse Technology In 2023
A metaverse version of the Thrive Statue
Exploring the Metaverse
Exploring Our Favorite Districts in the Multiverse Oculus App
Bloomingdale's Christmas-themed metaverse Stocking Stuffer shop
Bloomingdale’s Celebrates Christmas With New Additions to Metaverse Store
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