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The back all of the metaverse UPS Store in Decentraland featuring the logo

First UPS Metaverse Store Launches in Decentraland

United Parcel Service of America has just entered the metaverse with its first virtual UPS Store Newsstand in Decentraland. The surprisingly humble store debuted just…
A saying The Metaverse: Benfits and Disadvantages as a guy wears a VR headset
Consumer Guide

Metaverse Benefits and Disadvantages

Have you ever noticed that people have a tendency to automatically react negatively to something new that they don't understand? It seems that we have…
The Sandbox's hacked Instagram account
The Sandbox

Hackers Hijack The Sandbox’s Instagram Account

The Sandbox's Instagram account was hacked late last night, completely locking its developers out. The news was originally tweeted by co-founder Sebastien Borget and retweeted…
A crime scene in the Dystopian Nights Second Life city
Exploring the Metaverse

Dystopian Nights: Exploring a Dark Mech City in Second Life

Second Life is the original platform that allows users to build a world filled with whatever their minds can imagine. Personally, I love dystopian themes…
A metaverse concert hall on the Multiverse Oculus app
Multiverse for the Oculus Quest 2
Attending a V/R Metaverse Concert in the Multiverse Oculus App
Person walking down the street of a virtual world
Consumer Guide
The Difference Between Virtual Worlds and MMO Video Games
Ruffy World in V/R
Meta Ruffy News
Meta Ruffy Releases V/R Demo of Ruffy World Via Telegram
Snapple's metaverse bodega in Decentraland
Snapple Enters the Metaverse with the First (and only) Blockchain Bodega in Decentraland
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