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Announcement for Loobr's new affiliate program by Meta Ruffy
Making Money in the Metaverse

Meta Ruffy Announces Loobr Affiliate Program

Meta Ruffy announced a new referral program today for their NFT marketplace, LooBr. LooBr users will now be able to earn a passive income by…
Christmas train and reindeer in Second Life
Exploring the Metaverse

Christmas in the Metaverse! Our Favorite Yule-Themed Destinations

It's Christmas in the metaverse! New games, experiences, and destinations are popping up across the virtual realm in celebration of the most wonderful time of…
The Meta Horizon Worlds NASCAR/Phoenix Raceway Logo in the Metaverse
Exploring the Metaverse

Watching the Championship 4 Nascar Race in the Metaverse (Horizon Worlds)

Sunday's Championship 4 competition was just replayed in Horizon Worlds as a metaverse NASCAR race - and the realism was shocking, to say the least.…
The best laptop for Second Life showing a scene from the virtual world
Metaverse Gear

Best Laptop for Second Life: Gigabyte AORUS 15

Second Life is known for two things: having some of the best metaverse graphics, and extreme lag. And yes, one directly impacts the other (among…
Chester Cheetos' car in the metaverse
Exploring the Metaverse
Cheetos Enters the Metaverse With Chesterville Halloween Town
The Entrance to the Halloween Island Amusement Park in Second Life
Metaverse Halloween
My Visit to a Halloween Amusement Park in the Metaverse
Walmart Land hub in Roblox
Exploring the Metaverse
Exploring Walmart Land in Roblox
Roblox Halloween Tycoon entrance featuring pumpkins and bats
Exploring the Metaverse
The Top Metaverse Halloween Experiences to Explore This Month
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