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We mentioned in our guide to SL hunts how great they can be for new players. They’re a chance to better learn how the Grid works, meet new people, and explore unique destinations.

The Valentine Candy Hunt, hosted by Roadside Treasures, is the perfect hunt for new SL residents. It’s pretty simple overall, but it still makes use of common game mechanics while offering a fun experience filled with loot.

Of course, there are still plenty of fun prizes for seasoned SL residents as well, including romantic gifts with Valentine’s Day looming just around the corner. So, tag along for the Valentine Candy Hunt!

Starting the Valentine Candy Hunt

Valentine Candy Hunt sign

The hunt is located above the main Roadside Treasures store. If you’re new to Second Life, this is a great reminder of how to use an item rather than buy it (hint: right click on it).

The hunt takes place in a charming cottage nestled in a frozen forest. Cupid flies above while heart-shaped lights dance just below the roof.

Inside, the cottage’s walls are decked out in hearts of different colors and sizes. A few romantic characters can be found within its rooms. Some play music. All are up for sale.

You might want to take a close look at some of these characters even if you don’t plan to buy them. Just saying…

Searching for Heart-Shaped Treasures

A heart-shaped character holding a heart that's part of the hunt

The cottage is four stories high. An open-air dance floor marks the top. Each of the three previous floors include different rooms. You’ll want to search them carefully to find all 21 hearts.

Some hearts are pretty obvious and easy to find. Others will take a little more look. You may even need to get a little creative when searching for those last few.

Obviously, I don’t want to spoil the hunt by revealing the location of each treasure.

The Treasures Within the Hearts

A Valentine dance floor for two in Second Life

Typically, when a store offers a hunt with prizes, those prices are…less than impressive. But not here! This hunt includes a variety of treasures ranging from jewelry to home decor.

Again, I don’t want to take the fun out of it by revealing all of the prizes. However, you will find pictures of a few of them in the gallery below.

Finishing up the Valentine Candy SL Hunt

This is one of the shorter SL hunts since the treasures can all be found in a single building. So, it’s a fun little game to play if you have some time to kill and is the perfect place to find free Valentine’s Day gifts.

It’s also a great way to get the hang of things before joining one of SL’s bigger hunts. Stay tuned as we’ll be covering those in the near future!


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  • Lynn Stardust says:

    Thanks Chris, I did check out this hunt and you are soooo right! It was awesome fun and some pretty great prizes. Good article, keep em coming!!

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