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Meta Ruffy CEO Cihan announced a slew of new updates and expansions to the Ruffy World platform during a livestream video today. Many of these updates have been highly anticipated by fans since day 1.

The goal is simple: bring the mainstream to the metaverse. That will mean several UI improvements and new in-world offerings. Here’s a quick look at the looming enhancements.

Interactive Map Will Herald Land Use

It’s been nearly a year since Meta Ruffy began selling land plots. However, they have yet to show up in Ruffy World.

That will change soon. Ruffy World’s new interactive map will show the locations of minted land plots. According to the preview showcased by Cian, the currently 150,000 minted plots will appear across 19 islands or 10 mainland districts.

The interactive map will be released before the plots can actually be accessed. Once they are available, they will support cross-minting on multiple chains.

Assets and elements can be built and used in-world when the plots are live. Cian said that he doesn’t yet know which scripting language will be used for in-game designing but suggested that it will likely be Javascript.

There will be a separate customer support service for land owners in chat form. They will also help offline businesses come into Ruffy World and will with design and development services and in-world marketing.

If a landowner happens to own the only plot on an island (or every plot on an island), they will become its king.

Island King

Kingship offers many additional privileges, including:

  • naming the island
  • setting its description
  • adding a website link
  • changing its profile image
  • combining multiple plots

You’ll also get a full Ruffy World item set reserved exclusively for kings.  It features seven items, including royalty apparel. It will be distributed as a set of NFTs that will never be minted again.

Since they won’t be minted again, owners can hold these NFTs as they grow in value. No one else will be able to buy them; they only be distributed to kings.

What if someone else mints another plot there? At first, nothing. That new owner has to mint a second land plot on that island to be a new king. If he does that, you’ll lose your king status.

New Ruffy World HUD and Interface

Also showing a new gaming interface. It will include a calendar of events. Windows can be customized and removed. A mini map features hashtags showing the location

Users will also be able to log in to Ruffy World with Loobr and Google accounts. Cian said other social accounts might also be added. Accounts will include blue checks for verified owners.

The interface will allow users to see whether friends are online, where they’re located within Ruffy World, and teleport to see them. They’ll also be able to send messages to friends regardless of their proximity.

Creating New Jobs

Cian announced new positions as Ruffy World continues to expand. They are actively search for Unity 3D designers and Web3 developers. They will also be announcing other new positions soon.

Meta Ruffy Announces Comedy Show

Cian also announced an upcoming comedy show in Ruffy World. It will last 100 minutes and feature 10 comedians with each comedian getting 10 minutes.

Attendees can throw roses and emojis as the comedians perform. Other details, including auditions and the event’s date, have not yet been released.

Additional New Features

  • Take screenshots within the game, save it to your device, and share it on social accounts.
  • In-game assets can receive comments and can be marketed in-world
  • Custom and tradable character animations
  • Tutorials for new users
  • An interface that’s fully functional with only a mouse (although keyboards will still be supported)

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