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The Oculus Quest 2 V/R headsets include a gasket that rests between your face and the headset. Unfortunately, it’s not very comfortable and wears out easily. The VR Cover Fitness Facial Interface is designed to change that.

For light, limited use, the stock gasket is usually fine. But if you plan to work in V/R, it’s probably worth upgrading. And if you want to use your headset to enjoy a V/R workout, they’re difficult to clean, less comfortable, and degrade quickly. That’s why we highly recommend VR Cover’s Fitness Facial Interface.

What is the VR Cover Fitness Facial Interface?

Facial interfaces create a stronger and more comfortable barrier between you and the viewing port. They often fit nicely over the standard foam and help protect both you and the headset – especially during VR workout sessions.

Facial interfaces are typically filled with a high-quality memory foam that’s surrounded by a durable wear layer. VR Cover’s interface uses an adjustable foam padding.

Here’s a quick look at how it holds up.


Comfort is obviously one of the most important aspects of a facial interface – especially when it comes to fitness. Anything that lightens the load of wearing a big headset while working out is always a plus.

So how does VR Cover’s interface measure up? It’s worlds above the comfort of the stock foam. You’ll immediately notice a significant reduction in the pressure on your brow area – pressure that you probably only noticed subconsciously before. That alone seems to make the headset feel lighter. The surface is soft and comfortable against the skin.

Nose Guard

It’s great to take pressure off of your brow, but what about your nose? This is one if the top complaints against the Quest 2’s stock foam.

The nose guard including with the VR Cover Fitness Facial Interface offers some much-needed relief for your nasal bridge as well. As an added bonus, it also helps block out more light. So if you haven’t been able to quite eliminate the gap between the headset and your nose, we found the solution!


Sweating into a VR headset isn’t particularly fun – and it’s really not good for your Oculus Quest 2. It can fog the lenses, seep into the circuitry, and leave behind a film that’s just kind of gross. Anyone who’s ever played Beat Saber knows what I’m talking about.

So that’s why we were pretty relieved by the clever ventilation vents built into the VR Cover Fitness Facial Interface and Foam Set. We say “clever” because it offers legitimate airflow while still blocking light. The vents help keep you cool while preventing fogging of the lenses. Plus, they feature a cool, futuristic design that compliments the overall style pretty well.

This is actually the defining feature of a “fitness” VR cover. Yes, there are plenty of options that upgrade the padding, but very few of them consider proper ventilation.


There’s not much to say here since the VR Cover Fitness Facial Interface pretty much fits right into place. Just push out the old one and snap this one right into its place, then slide the foam covers over the interface. That’s it!

Accommodating for Glasses

I don’t wear glasses, but I know a few people who do – and based on what they’ve said, this thing is a lifesaver. It fits most standard glasses well and, apparently, also helps prevent them from fogging up.

Again, this is second-hand information. I couldn’t really test that aspect of it myself, so take it for what it’s worth.


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