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A chart showing the Meta Ruffy cryptocurrency increasing in value
Captured from Coinbase

One of the latest additions to the metaverse has seen its brand new token’s value soar exponentially. And they haven’t even finished building their world yet.

Meta Ruffy recently launched the beta version of its virtual world, a place that promises to be the metaverse’s entertainment district. Even though the world is still in development, its new crypto just “broke a zero” at a pace that’s surprising investors.

At the time of its official launch (which followed a presale and private sale), the coin held a value of $0.000050 USD. It soon plummeted to 0.000033, but rebounded quickly. At the time of this writing, that value has risen 123% to $0.000111 USD – less than a week after launching.

While some volatility is normal for new cryptocurrencies, it’s rare (although not unheard of) for a token tied to a virtual world to gain value so quickly. This is especially true when its platform is still early in the developmental stages. As of this writing, RuffyWorld has yet to release land sales, vendor spaces, or a world builder. Its user base also remains relatively small, although it seems to be growing quickly.

Once RuffyWorld fully launches, its token will be used for in-world transactions. It’s already being used to buy and sell a limited quantity of mystery NFTs. While they are not yet available for use in the game, 5470 out of 10000 mystery NFTs have already sold. In addition to NFTs, the Meta Ruffy token is expected to be used to purchase tickets for live virtual events.

MetaRuffy might be the latest of many additions to the metaverse, but its rapid success earns it a spot on our watch list. This just might be the time for investors seeking opportunities as early investors.


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