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Meta Ruffy CEO Cihan Sasmaz released a video via the platform’s Telegram channel of his avatar exploring Ruffy World in virtual reality.

The video (which noticeably lacked audio) begins with Sasmaz interacting with a demo environment designed to resemble a boardroom. It has not yet been published to any other channel.

After that, he begins traversing the streets of Ruffy World using the familiar mini-teleport system that has become common in Oculus apps.

The demo comes as Meta Ruffy’s team prepares for the next Dubai Crypto Expo in early October. They have already begun preparations for the event and have promised several big surprises.

Fans reacted with surprise and excitement on Telegram. No announcement precluded the video, but the white paper does list an Oculus app as one of its endeavors. According to the video’s filename, the demo is specifically designed for the Oculus headset.

What those actually are remains under wraps. But we think this V/R demo will play a big part. It also also forced the team to scale back their daily mini-games.

That isn’t to say that Ruffy World will be an exclusively V/R experience. As stated in our guide on How to Access the Metaverse, the most successful platforms are those that will be on multiple devices. In other words, those that connect with users where they already are.

Meta Ruffy won the Most Innovative Company award at the previous Dubai Crypto Expo earlier this year. Since then, they have released the LooBr social NFT marketplace and made significant strides towards the development of Ruffy World.


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