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The virtual world billing itself as the entertainment district of the metaverse has attracted its first two celebrity endorsements. Boxer Lennox Lewis and Shark Tank business mogul Kevin O’Leary recently shared their support for Meta Ruffy. Their endorsements come just ahead of Meta Ruffy’s land sales scheduled for this week’s Dubai Crypto Expo.

Lennox Lewis Praises Meta Ruffy for Working Hard and Staying Focused

Lewis praised Meta Ruffy’s success by comparing it to his own. He also praised the project and its leaders for their passion and the swift success that Meta Ruffy has had in 2022. He even called for more developers that are as driven as the team behind Meta Ruffy.

Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Loves the Metaverse and Meta Ruffy

O’Leary began his testimony by citing his love for innovation, disruption, and challenges before acknowledging that the metaverse fits all of those. He then praised Meta Ruffy for “leading the charge in their own vision” of growing the entertainment industry in the metaverse. It’s not surprising that O’Leary embraces Web 3.0  platforms considering the fact that a significant portion of his investments are made up of cryptocurrencies. Still, he has a reputation of praising distinction. So why does he believe Meta Ruffy is set apart? He listed a few reasons:
  • Running fast: The technologies driving the metaverse are always changing, as are the best practices. O’Leary believes Meta Ruffy is leading the charge in its space.
  • Creative: creativity is vital to the designing of worlds, NFTs, and a new frontier of user experiences. O’Leary praised the creativity of Meta Ruffy’s team.
These endorsements are a big deal for a virtual world promoting itself as the metaverse’s entertainment district. Celebrities will inevitably play a crucial role in its success. It may also be a place where celebrities are born depending on what the future holds for the metaverse. If Meta Ruffy succeeds with its vision, it will be interesting to see the dynamics of celebrity involvement in the metaverse. I’m wondering if, like YouTube, many metaverse personalities will gain mainstream fame. Platforms like Second Life have already given independent musicians a second chance at fame when the mainstream turned them down. Warner Music has also set up shop in The Sandbox, along with Snoop Dogg.

Will We See These (or Other) Celebrities in Meta Ruffy?

Neither Lewis nor O’Leary confirmed whether they’ll build a presence in Meta Ruffy. However, they both acknowledged the hard work accomplished by the team so far. They were also clearly optimistic about the platform’s future even before its completion. If they’re optimistic, it’s kind of hard for us not to be.

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