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VR headsets aren’t cheap – and the expense doesn’t stop after buying one. In addition to the vast library of games and apps, they also have parts that either wear over time or just don’t fit very well out of the box.

So, there’s also the expense of buying new accessories or replacing worn out ones. And they can also be quite expensive – if you buy them from the manufacturer.

Contrary to popular belief, manufacturers don’t always have the best replacements. In fact, we’ve found that third-party accessories are often the most comfortable and durable while also boasting a lower price.

Here, we’ll cover a few of our favorite third-party V/R accessories.

The Medical Grade Silicone Cover by V/R Cover

VR Cover's medical grade cover for the Valve Index V/R headset

If you’re anything like us, you probably love giving your friends the chance to experience V/R for themselves. Unfortunately, that’s not very hygienic. That’s why we love V/R Cover’s Silicone Cover for the Valve Index.

Honestly, this one is a must-have for Valve Index owners even if you’re not one to share with others. It fits perfectly over the headset and has absolutely no absorption. This means it’ll stay cleaner after those intense V/R workouts (and there are plenty of them).

Even better, it offers a more comfortable V/R experience. The cover is filled with contouring memory foam designed to maintain its plushness even after prolonged abuse…although I can’t say exactly how long yet as I haven’t had one long enough to wear it out.

And don’t worry about rashes, the design is completely hypoallergenic. Which is great, as I (unfortunately) have sensitive skin.

KIWI Design VR Stand

KIWI Display Stand for VR headsets

We’ve previously reviewed the KIWI Design VR Stand before, but I just have to gush over it again. The stand was so easy to assemble and it really does a great job of compacting down the space that your headset and controllers need.

It’s lightweight, which makes it feel less durable. However, we haven’t had any problems with ours so far. It’s more than sturdy enough to hold everything without bending out of place.

Plus (as we mentioned in our review), it just looks great in a modern setting.

Find – and Keep – the Sweet Spot with KIWI’s Oculus Quest 2 Head Strap

Anyone with an Oculus Quest 2 knows the struggle: you spend several minutes adjusting the strap and moving the headset around until you FINALLY find the sweet spot, only to let go of the headset and have it settle back down. The text gets blurry again, but you’re too frustrated to start all over. So, you just deal with it.

Another great innovation from KIWI takes care of that. Its Oculus Head Strap improves comfort, fit, and stability. How does it do it?

Rather than slipping, sliding, and adjusting, this head strap features a knob that allows you to easily customize your fit. Just find the sweet spot with one hand, then twist your strap into place with the other. When you let go, there’s no settling! It stays right where you need it for a clearer picture and better experience.

As an added bonus, the strap features contouring memory foam padding for enhanced comfort.

LANMU Battery Pack: The Small, Lightweight Power Bank You Can’t Even Feel

Once you’ve used the gear above to make your headset more comfortable, you’ll probably find yourself spending more time with it. Sure, you COULD try to keep it charged with a longer cable. But that cable probably won’t last long once you’re in the zone. Our advice: extend its charge with the LANMU battery pack.

LANMU’s power bank consistently gives us more than an hour of extra play time. Actually, this is very useful when I’m working on a project with my virtual desktop. I can focus less on the remaining charge and more on my five simulated desktop monitors. This is invaluable for a guy who’s easily distracted.

But there’s one thing that I love even more than that: it’s so small! It’s really not much bigger than a Bluetooth earpiece. Granted, it has to be to fit atop that little charging port without falling out. But its weight is hardly noticeable when I’m wearing the headset. It also attaches easily in about 2 or 3 seconds.

We do want to mention that charging this correctly might be a little tricky. You may intuitively think that it should be charged from the central port. It would make sense, but that’s not the case. Rather, plug it in using the side part. Otherwise, it won’t charge properly.

Keep in mind, the LANMU Battery Pack is only available for the Oculus Quest (1 & 2) headsets.

SARLAR: The BEST Carrying Case for Your Oculus Quest 2

V/R headsets aren’t very portable on their own, but SARLAR’s hard carrying case helps you carry your Oculus Quest 2 and its controllers with ease. It features a compact design that fits pretty much anywhere. It’s also lightweight and can be carried easily with one hand.

Despite being lightweight, the case’s shell is extremely durable. No worries if you fumble and accidentally drop the case; your Oculus Quest is perfectly safe. It’s also compatible with the KIWI head strap we mentioned earlier.

As an added bonus, the case comes with two controller grips.


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