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Sandbox Alpha: Season 1 proved that big names can find real value in virtual worlds. Today’s Season 2 launch brought even more brands and personalities into the metaverse, some for the first time. From TV shows to pop icons, here’s a quick look at who’s setting up shop in The Sandbox.


The Adidas storefront in the Sandbox Metaverse

Some find it ironic that a big name in sports could find real value in a place like the metaverse. However, Nike Land in Roblox proved that even athletic wear has a place in the digital world. It actually makes sense; even yours truly is quite active when I’m not typing away at my keyboard.

So it was only a matter of time until Adidas set up its own metaverse presence. So far, they just have what amounts to a storefront. However, they plan to launch a full experience before Alpha Season 2 ends on March 31.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead storefront in The Sandox metaverse

The TV series might be ending, but The Walking Dead’s metaverse experience has hardly begun. Well, technically, it hasn’t begun just yet. As with Adidas, they still only have what amounts to a storefront. The Sandbox version of Rick Grimes assures us that the TWD experience will be here soon.

In the meantime, we can enjoy a quick look at pixelated zombies and and gore with zombies stumbling about just behind a cage. It’s a small look at what a zombie apocalypse might look like in Legoland.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg's Metaverse Storefront in The Sandbox

Snoop Dogg recently went public about his enthusiasm for the metaverse and already he’s making his digital presence known.

Snoop Dogg’s storefront reflects his cultural influences over the years. His clubhouse isn’t finished quite yet, but he’s already announced plans to make Death Row Records an NFT music label. It’s a clear sign that he sees potential in the metaverse – and given his expertise as both a musician and businessman, we think that’s saying something.


DeadMau5 in the metaverse

The famed DJ and techno artist has inevitably found his way into the metaverse. So far, his experience is also limited to a digital storefront, although his pixelated doppelganger promises a world of experiences soon.

In addition to the storefront, DeadMau5 also has a stage near the entrance to the Sandbox’s lobby. In it, you’ll find Smurfs, Rick Grimes, and a few walkers dancing alongside another pixelated version of DeadMau5.


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