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It’s Christmas in the metaverse! New games, experiences, and destinations are popping up across the virtual realm in celebration of the most wonderful time of the year. And we’ve been busy exploring virtual peaks, traversing the North Pole, and helping Santa in his workshop.

So grab some hot chocolate, queue up your favorite Christmas songs, and join us as we explore the top holiday destinations across the most popular metaverse platforms.

Second Life Christmas Destinations

Christmas celebrations have always been a Second Life favorite. And with the new attention the metaverse has found in 2022, we believe this just might be SL’s best year yet. Here are some of the grid’s top Christmas metaverse destinations.

Snowy Peaks

This Second Life destination blends the beauty of a mountainous arctic getaway with the most special and sentimental traditions of the Christmas season.

This Second Life destination takes everything we love about winter – snow, cabins, northern lights, frosted evergreen trees, and (obviously) snowy peaks – and wraps them in a beautiful Christmas package.

You’re immediately greeted by Santa’s sleigh and a classic steam engine. A free gift awaits visitors atop a pile of luggage.

You’ll find a snowman and a few animals hanging out after stepping down from the platform. Just past them, you’ll walk up to another Christmas favorite: the iconic Coca-Cola Santa Truck!

Finish crossing the bridge, and you’ll come across the first of several Christmas cabins, filled with holiday decor and nestled in a snowy valley surrounded by alpine trees.

At the bottom of the valley, you’ll find a grand Christmas tree surrounded by elves skating along the ice. You’ll also see Santa himself riding his train around the tree. Naturally, Christmas music plays continuously in the background.

Christmas at the North Pole

Second Life’s take on the North Pole is nestled high above the Stormwind sim.

This neat little town features fun rides, ice skating, and firefighters who come in the form of elves, penguins, polar bears, and snowmen.

Most segments play out a fun scene. For example, there’s the fireman elf dousing Santa as he rushes up from a flaming chimney. Another shows Santa stuck upside down in a chimney. And then there are the various reindeer and horses grazing throughout the town.

And my personal favorite, a Christmas Jeep driven by Santa himself and accompanied by one of his reindeer.

Some of the store also feature specific themes (all under the umbrella of Christmas, of course). One, called “Ice World,” features ice sculptures depicting various Christmas scenes. Others focus on apparel or animated yard scenes.

If you’re wanting to relax in a beautiful metaverse Christmas town or want to pic up some decor, Christmas at the North Pole is a great place to stop and shop.

Christmas in Horizon Worlds

It was around Christmas time last year that Meta brought manistream appeal to the metaverse, and creators using its Horizon Worlds platform were quick to bring Christmas to the metaverse.

Christmas Wish

This world is pretty small, but it packs a big Christmas punch in its limited virtual space.

Christmas wish is filled with classic Christmas activities that may not be as accessible for those of us living in warmer environments. For example, you can build and customize your own snowman and custom decorate a Christmas tree.

Not far from there, you’ll find a little building station to help Santa! Knock out a few toys, or mine some coal for the naughty girls and boys. Then, warm up in the cabin just up the hill while you build a gingerbread house.

Tip: you can also use the snowman hats to decorate your own avatar, although they’ll disappear once you leave Christmas Wish.

Christmas Mountain Adventure

What’s Christmas without a cozy, snow-covered lodge at the base of a mountain? That’s the peaceful setting that kicks off Christmas mountain, but there’s just one problem in this otherwise serene destination: Santa accidentally dropped your presents!

Fortunately, you can still find them; you just have to carefully traverse the nearby treacherous mountain. Christmas Mountain Adventure in Horizon Worlds also sets itself up as an obstacle course game. You’ll have to hop across small outcroppings and traverse steep grades to find your presents.

You’ll find a few presents scattered about, but only the gold one will light the tree. Once that happens, well…you’ll find there’s a little more to this experience than meets the eye.

Christmas in Roblox

If you’ve spent any amount of time in Roblox, you know that its search can be…chaotic. A search for “Christmas” reveals all sorts of experiences, ranging from a cabin that just kind of sits there to a horror game that doesn’t even mention any holiday (let alone Christmas).

Here, we cut through the chaos and discuss a few of our favorite Christmas worlds in Roblox.

Christmas Presents Tycoon

We previously covered Roblox’s Halloween Tycoon, so we decided to give their Christmas take a chance as well.

Presents serve as the currency in this game. You’ll find that out pretty quickly after setting up shop in an available tycoon.

Crates of presents spawn across the world sporadically. In addition to presents, they also contain gems and rare items. You can also build present droppers in your tycoon as you continue developing your store.

Oh and, (of course) you can kill other players as jolly Christmas music plays in the background.

Little Big Christmas!

This adventure game casts you as a sleepless kid on Christmas Eve. Your sibling will beckon you to begin a quest in search of Santa. A nearby window reveals a beautiful snow-covered neighborhood adorned with Christmas decor.

However, you’ll find another unusual sight: snowmen sleighing and snowboarding in the middle of the street. That offers the first clue to what lies ahead.

Little Big Christmas is an obstacle course adventure game. Players overcome a series of Christmas-themed challenges in search of Santa. They start off easy enough but get more (and less) challenging as the levels progress.

Along the way, you’ll see clear inspirations drawn from popular Christmas movies and stories, all of which have been blended together in a unique and fun way. You’ll also collect presents that…culminate into a certain prize at the end.

This is a great family-friendly metaverse Christmas experience if you want to share the joy of the season with little ones! Of course, the challenges can be…perilous at times.

Note: (Possible) Spoiler Alert- when you first complete the game, things might seem a little…disappointing. Just head downstairs first.

YOUR Favorite Christmas Metaverse Destinations

What did we miss? What are your favorite Christmas metaverse destinations? Let us know in the comments below!


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