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Cheeky Monkey’s All Male: Winter Edition SL Hunt is currently underway! The journey kicks off at Mandilena Gestures in Broken Arrow, a mega-store that offers just about everything, from gestures to decor. Much of it tends to be high-end and pricey, but the prizes are top-notch.

Beginning the Hunt

A sign on the right side of the wall offers a link to the hunt’s hints.

The site offers a photo, teleport link, and clue for each of the hunt’s locations. Yes, it’s as easy as it sounds: click the teleport link on the site, follow the clue to the area pictured, and win prizes!

Most prizes only cost $1L, but a few do go up to 25. It’s a very small price, but it goes a long way in helping the participants and organizers.

Also, remember that some locations offer multiple prizes. Here’s a quick look at what each hidden prize looks like. Note: sometimes, they’ll be very close to other objects that are also for sale. Make sure you’re only buying the prize for the All Male SL Hunt, as pictured below.

The prizes found in the All Male SL Hunt

Exploring the Hunt’s Locations

Obviously, most of the destinations along the All Male hunt are pretty masculine. For example, the first combines elements of patriotism, country life, and the great outdoors. The prizes found here match that theme.

Others offer men’s apparel. However, a few actually are more feminine, presumably to help guys find gifts as Valentine’s Day approaches. Here’s a list of each location:

  1. Splintered Creations: As we mentioned, this store definitely brings an outdoorsy feel to the metaverse. You’ll even find gestures that reflect some of the web’s  It does a great job of setting the tone for the rest of the All Male SL Hunt.
  2. Mandilena Gestures: As the name implies, this place is full of specialty gestures. You’ll even find some that reflect the web’s most popular memes! It’s owned by the hunt’s organizer.
  3. Starlight Apparel: this store is on point for both seasonal and trendy men’s apparel.
  4. Dalrymple Designs: This location offers excellent decor fits that come just in time for Valentine’s Day.
  5. The Sissy Bar: if you need a place to relax after a day of hunting, this is a great spot to take a break, meet a few others, and find some loot.
  6. lovelysweet: I was surprised by the focus on eyes when I first came to Second Life. “How many different designs could possibly exist for eyes,” I thought. As it turns out, quite a few – even if they maintain some partial realism! You’ll find some of the most stunning avie eyes here.
  7. The Artist Shed: Second Life has a solid reputation among artists and art enthusiasts. Its galleries and museums are some of the most popular among any virtual world.The Artist Shed reflects that pretty well with art of different types and styles from different artists.
  8. ~✯Starshine Design✯~: This store offers a little bit of everything for both men and women. Their wares offer a certain flair that’s unique even in the creative world of Second Life.
  9. ::REA::: This is an excellent store for men trying to find the perfect Valentine’s gift. Of course, it does also include some fine men’s apparel as well.
  10. Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop: what better way to finish off an SL Hunt than with a coastal getaway? This shop offers fun apparel and wares with sales benefiting a good cause.

A Look at the Loot

So, what prizes did I find during the All Male SL Hunt? I don’t want to drop too many spoilers, but I’ve included a picture showing a few of the top prizes below.

All Male SL Hunt prizes

Getting Help From the Group

The organizers of the All Male SL Hunt set up a group where participants can socialize and ask for help. I have to say, it’s actually a solid group. Personally, I ran into a problem when, right off the bat, the first location link didn’t work. I posted in the group, and the organizer, Mandilena herself, responded in less than a minute.

She investigated the issue, found the correct link, and shared it so I could begin the hunt. She was very friendly and promised to address the issue with the location’s owner. Groups like this are what really make an SL Hunt user (and especially newbie) friendly.


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