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Infiniverse is a massive, ever-growing city that serves as the benchmark for the Multiverse Oculus app’s experience. Like most cities, it’s split into districts, most of which center on a specific theme. Storefronts scattered throughout each district serve as an entrances to unique experience. These experiences are vast and range from art galleries and showrooms to mazes and haunted theaters. They make up much of the Multiverse’s overall experience.

Here, we’ll explore our favorite Multiverse districts in Infiniverse and the unique experiences hidden in each.

How Multiverse Districts Work

If you haven’t spent much (or any) time in the Multiverse Oculus app, here’s a very quick and simplified look at how districts work.

Basically, you can buy plots of land in Infiniverse. When you do, you can fill them with buildings, attractions, and storefronts. When you collaborate with others (or work hard on your own), you can turn these plots into districts that focus on specific themes.

The storefronts in those districts often contain doors to metaverses. A “metaverse” in the context of this game is an experience created by a user. They can be linked to from storefronts, but it’s not required; they can exist independent of Infiniverse.

Infiniverse Community Canyon

I have to say, this district is pretty wild. You’ll find sub-districts built into and on top of a canyon. Think of it as a co-op between different district owners to preserve the integrity of a beautiful metaverse canyon.

The Steampunk District is one of the highlights in this area and includes a museum dedicated to Ada Lovelace. A couple of other districts are dedicated to the love for household pets. You’ll also find the New Zealand district within the canyon’s walls.

The ICC continues to grow. It’s probably one of the most worthwhile Multiverse districts to visit regularly.

Veteran’s District

It’s hard not to pay tribute to anything dedicated in memory of troops, and the Veterans District was built to do just that.

The Veteran’s Districts features sub-districts dedicated to each branch of the US military. The sub-districts feature statues showcasing military tech and pictures of investors. Inside, the storefronts and metaverses showcase pictures of the military’s bravery and innovations.

This is definitely a must-see district in Infiniverse.

Artist District

This district is still being developed, but it already shows a lot of potential. A few statues adorn the city parks, and several timeless clocks can be found scattered about.

You’ll land in an apartment overlooking the main square when visiting the Artist District. You’ll find beautiful works on the walls, but you’ll definitely want to check out the view from the balcony; it offers a close look at Multiverse’s version of Daniel Popper’s Thrive statue. Not far from there, you’ll find a square sculpture celebrating the beauty of contrasting colors.

So far, the storefronts point either to websites or galleries that remain locked during development. However, some of the platform’s most prominent users and developers promise something big in the near future.

Toon Town

Toon Town is dedicated to classic animation that has captivated our imaginations over the years.

Outside, you’ll find buildings dedicated to said cartoons with their names going straight down the side of skyscrapers. The district is also filled with statues depicting animals and food. A few parks dot the area as well.

Inside, you’ll find art galleries dedicated to classic cartoons, food, and a few growing NFT collections. This is definitely one of Multiverse’s more interesting districts.

Attractions in this district include:

  • Enigma
  • Bakini Bottom (misspelled intentionally)
  • The Krusty Crab
  • NF Steez & Collections
  • Yummy in Tummy
  • Bandit Transit
  • Ballerz Cup

Your Favorite Districts in the Multiverse Oculus App

There are so, so many districts in the Multiverse Oculus app. Unfortunately, we just don’t have time to explore them all…which means you may have found a few noteworthy destinations that we missed. If so, let us know in the comments below!


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