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Bloomingdale’s is the latest in a slew of big brands entering the metaverse. They will be celebrating their 150th anniversary collection with a virtual Christmas experience that’s “like no other store in the metaverse.”

Here, we’ll explore Bloomingdale’s Christmas metaverse experience and see how it ties into their real-world luxury products and apparel.

Entering Bloomindale’s Metaverse Store

Bloomingdale's Christmas metaverse storefront

Bloomingdale’s store isn’t like most metaverse experiences. There are no avatars, and each person seems to get their own instance.

Navigation is similar to Google Maps; rather than “walking” around, you click to move from one predetermined spot to another. It also consists of still-framed environments. So, there aren’t many animations, although you can interact with on-page icons.

Clicking on a circle with a “plus” icon will take you to that product’s page. There you can (obviously) buy the real-world item. It’ll be added to your cart, just like on a website. And that’s really what this is: a still-framed 360 experience embedded in Bloomindale’s website.

Signature Styles in the Metaverse

Bloomingdale’s didn’t come into the metaverse alone. Some of their top designers have also set up virtual shop. Some of these signatures brands include:

  • Ralph Luaren
  • Nestle
  • Rhone

More brands may or may not be added over time.

A Different Theme for Each Floor

Bloomingdale's metaverse elevator

Bloomingdale’s metaverse store is organized like a nine-story building. Each floor focuses on a different them:

  1. Party-Ready: this floor brings users to a dazzling club featuring shiny decor and Bloomindale’s finest party apparel. Dance music blasts in the background and signature styles are displayed prominently.
  2. Games & Gadgets: this massive chessboard showcases games for all ages and gadgets that are sure to enhance any social gathering.
  3.  Stocking Stuffers: as the name implies, this floor features smaller products and accessories that could easily fit in a stocking. It also features an animated conveyor built that keeps the gifts coming.
  4. Fit for the New Year: Dedicated to the most cliched New Year’s Resolution (weight loss/new year, new me) with athletic apparel and accessories.
  5. CHANEL: remember that CHANEL No.5 commercial that featured two young lovers dancing on the moon? They’ve turned that into an entire metaverse world on Floor 5. I have to say, this one’s actually pretty cool. It definitely draws inspiration from the 1969 lunar landing.
  6. Vacation Bound: get transported to a tropical getaway featuring Bloomingdale’s signature beachwear.
  7. Cozy & Comfy: This small, cozy scifi-inspired dwelling is decked out for Christmas and showcases comfortable lounging apparel.
  8. Luxe Fragrances: a showcase of luxurious cologne and perfume featuring some of the fanciest bottles I’ve ever seen.
  9. Beauty Spa: Enjoy a luxurious day at the spa without leaving home! This floor features signature serums, lotions, and oils for a relaxing, healthy day at home.

Obviously, each theme speaks for itself. But it’s the Stocking Stuffers and Cozy & Comfy floors that really celebrate the Christmas spirit.

Stocking Stuffers

Bloomingdale's Christmas-themed metaverse Stocking Stuffer shop

Christmas is just over a week away, so now is the time to order last-minute stocking stuffers. Bloomindale’s offers enough stuffers to fit any styles, even those with more refined tastes. I never knew there could be a luxurious “Shemergency” kit. Yet, it’s only $40 in Bloomingdale’s metaverse store.

Not all of Bloomingdale’s stocking suffers are quite so budget-friendly, of course. You’ll also find jewelry and signature fragrances selling for a pretty penny. They may be small in size, but certainly not in price.

Cozy & Comfy

A Christmas tree inside of Bloomingdale's Cozy & Comfy metaverse store

I found this SciFi pod dwelling to be an interesting choice for Bloomingdales. It’s as if they took a hotel room from a spaceship and built it into a cave. A beautiful winter wonderland can be seen from a wall-sized window.

Inside, you’ll find a fancy fireplace and a decked-out Christmas tree. Each present underneath showcases a different gift idea. More products are featured along the wall in the sleeping area and around the fire pit.

CHANEL’s Metaverse Moon Experience

Entering CHANEL's lunar metaverse store in Bloomingdale's virtual store

I had to also spotlight this one just because it was such a creative approach. Think the 1969 lunar landing, but with a 2022 cultural flair.

This experience is divided by fragrance, makeup, and skincare. You’ll “drive” (Google Maps style, of course) to each section on a modernized lunar rover. CHANEL’s signature products line the rugged dirt path. They’ve also placed a branded flag with a view of Earth in the distance (more pics at the bottom).

The Future of Metaverse Retail

Bloomingdale’s is the latest retail brand to join the metaverse, but it certainly isn’t the first. Forever 21, Nike, Adidias, Walmart, and so many others have also joined. And we’re still in the early days.

It’ll be interesting to see how big brands find new ways to engage their audience in the metaverse. Perhaps they’ll eventually go beyond what essentially amounts to 3D websites and create interactive experiences. For example, rather than using text to describe how to use a product, they can use a V/R app to actually show us every hand movement to achieve a desired result. Time will tell.


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