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Even as the Multiverse Oculus app continues gaining popularity, many of its users have noted a lack of in-game content.

The platform has relied heavily on virtual real estate and individualized experiences with limited functionality. Digital assets remain elusive, and some fear its economy is becoming stale. They’ve also expressed concerns about the monotony of its templates.

Future Tech Labs announced a teaser yesterday that might change that. The announcement came via the Multiverse Facebook Group and seems to hint at a slew of new in-game assets.

Multiverse teasing new in-app content through a Facebook post

Multiverse Sneak Peek

The sneak peak features three images showcasing new in-game assets.

The asset types are pretty different from one another. The first shows an anchor in a beach-themed area. It sits in a decorative sandbox with tropical plants.

The next is a food stand filled with cakes and deserts. It appears to be placed in a storefront. The window behind offers a view of a seemingly playful area that’s very different from what users typically find in Infiniverse.

The third shows a small owl perched atop a screen in one of Multiverse’s most popular metaverse templates. It seems to suggest that decor accents might be coming to metaverse owners.

Scant Details About Multiverse’s Upcoming Content

Details from Future Tech Labs are noticeably absent. The post just simply states “Hey everyone, we’ve got a little Sneak Peak on our website!” The website doesn’t offer much more: “We’ve been busy working hard on bug fixes and developing more content for you to enjoy. More details are to come soon, but for now here’s a little sneak peak from our team.”

These details might be sparse, but that last one is likely to catch the attention of long-time Multiverse users. Bugs and glitches have plagued the platform as it remains in its pre-beta phase. So while they haven’t offered much information on how the upcoming content will work, users will likely still breathe a sigh of relief.

However, it’s possible that the items will only function as props, just like the existing land statues. So, they might only be upgrades to spruce up your space and nothing more. Hopefully, FTL will offer more details about their new Multiverse upgrades and clarify some of the speculation soon.


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