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Pet food titan Pedigree has teamed up with to build its first metaverse presence in Decentraland. The goal: use “Fosterverse” to help rescues find loving homes.

Exploring Pedigree’s Metaverse Island in Decentraland

Strangely enough, the teleport link will land you at the back of Fostserverse (as of this writing). But that’s okay, just run over to the front, where you’ll be greeted by a sign and welcome video.

The Fosterverse entrance kind of resembles a small island. A moat contained within a pool-like boundary sets the perimeter.

Once you arrive, you’ll find signs guiding you along the way. You’ll also see metaverse versions of real pets up for adoption. You progress through Fosterverse by jumping up a few floating paw-shaped islands to a much larger plot with a portal gateway. Waterfalls stream from its surface.

Entering the Fosterverse Portal

Like most Decentraland destinations, the Fosterverse island serves as a portal to a larger world. You’ll teleport to a pretty dilapidated lab. Again, it’ll drop you at the back of the building, so just run around the side to the front door.

A caution sign on the door warns visitors not to enter, but a friendly dog welcomes you in. This pup will introduce herself as Sylvia, the avatar of a real Border Collie available for adoption in Los Angeles. She’ll straight up ask if you’re interested in adopting her.

If you say yes, a link will appear to adopt her in person. If not (since she’s already been adopted), she’ll tell you a few other ways to help rescues (even if you can’t adopt).

There really isn’t much to the lab itself. It looks much like a run-down studio apartment. It doesn’t really have anything¬† to do with pet adoptions.

A Metaverse Game to Help Real Pets

Pedigree has also hidden a few dog treats as part of The Fosterverse Quest. Find them and drop them in the food bowls to feed the metaverse pups! You’ll have to look beyond the island to find them.

For step 2, read the signs to learn more about helping real pets searching for a loving home. The first sign appears right at the entrance and welcomes visitors with a video.

The third step in the quest is to visit the aforementioned lab. Once you’ve completed all three steps, you’ll win a free wearable from Pedigree via airdrop!

Adopting a Metaverse Dog

Land owners can also adopt a virtual pet! Each Decentraland dog ties to a real pup that’s ready for a new home.




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