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Meta Ruffy is a newer addition to the metaverse that focuses on entertainment. So, making people happy and giving them something of entertainment value is the easiest way to make money in Ruffy World. This can take many forms in the metaverse, so we’ll discuss a few of the most effective for Meta Ruffy here.

Easily Get Discovered as a Musician in Ruffy World

Are you a musician who never caught the attention of a record label (or found an audience beyond your makeshift basement studio)? Meta Ruffy is your second (and easiest) chance. Ruffy World features a variety of music venues catering to live performers. The best part? You don’t even have to be that great.

Since Meta Ruffy is still in its early stages, they’re…not exactly picky. This means that anyone with mediocre musical talent can probably land a gig. You’ll just need to know how to stream as you’re playing live. (Insert affiliate link) is a software tool that can help you do just that.

Sell Sound Effects as NFTs

Speaking of musicians and audio artists, if you can craft clear, realistic sound effects. Ruffy World is full of virtual objects that serve a variety of functions. However, all the designing, 3D modeling, and scripting in the world can’t create sound effects. It’s yet another component needed to create a quality NFT, and most designers and programmers lack the skills to also create sound effects.

Just remember that sound effect NFTs appeal to creators and businesses more so than casual users. Keep that in mind when building your marketing strategy. This is more in the B2B space, so make sure you’re targeting appropriately.

How Designers are Making Money in Ruffy World

Partner with RuffyWorld Musicians

Meta Ruffy is full of musicians who don’t really have a following beyond Ruffy World. So, they don’t have access to the same resources as real-world celebrities. This includes merchandise.

If you’re a designer, try partnering with Ruffy World musicians to design their merch. You can sweeten the deal by telling them that you’ll create edgy, attention-grabbing designs for free as long as they split the sales with you. Meta Ruffy has scripts that can facilitate that.

Design Clothes

Like most virtual worlds in the metaverse, users can purchase in-world clothing for their Ruffy World avatars. Not all of it looks great, but it still sells. If your design skills are above average, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll generate at least a small passive income by selling apparel, jewelry, and accessories in Ruffy World and on the Meta Ruffy marketplace.

Modeling (Your Avatar)

If you’ve designed a great-looking avatar and know how to get the lighting just right, consider modeling! Ruffy World is filled with fashion designers eager to set themselves apart from the competition. Your beautifully crafted avatar just might give them the edge they need.

But you don’t have to stop there. Some of fashion’s biggest names are coming to the metaverse. Metaverse Fashion Week 2022 was a huge success in Second Life. That kind of hype is likely to bring more fashion retailers, shows, and pageants to the metaverse – and Meta Ruffy is perfectly positioned to attract them all.

As an added bonus, you might also be able to convince them to hire you as the designer of their promotional materials.

Meta Ruffy Art Gallery

Ruffy World features an art gallery filled with its users’ creations. The pieces represent a variety of styles and themes. They reflect the diversity that makes Ruffy World such a vibrant place, so there’s room for pretty much any type of artist.

Land owners can also set up their own art galleries. Even better, they can host viewing events (more on that later) showcasing a theme or highlighting certain artists.

Staking in Meta Ruffy

Since its launch, Meta Ruffy has offered a robust staking system; we consider it industry-leading. To stake your $MR in Meta Ruffy’s dAPP is probably one of the easiest ways to start a passive income stream. It obviously won’t be enough for you to support yourself, but it will grow over time without you putting any additional work or effort into it.

Staking pools open on a regular basis and fill up quickly.

Modeling in Ruffy World

Have you always dreamed of being a model? Now’s your chance! Many Ruffy World artists find so much success selling digital apparel that they decide to turn it into actual apparel. Offer to model their in-world clothing to both help promote their virtual merchandise and as a way to entice their customers to search for the real thing.

And you know what the best part is? You don’t actually have to wear the clothing! You can wear a similar item of clothing and use Photoshop to fill in their design elements. Just build a portfolio to show the fashion designers in Meta Ruffy that you can take great photos with the right fit, lighting, and backdrop to make their clothing look irresistible.

In many cases, fashion designers also sell physical versions of their creations on the internet. If you look great in their clothing, you just might find opportunities beyond Meta Ruffy.

Live Events

Meta Ruffy has billed Ruffy World as the metaverse’s premier destination for live events. Their goal is to get some of the biggest names in entertainment to perform virtually in their world. But you don’t have to be famous to host and promote your own events.

Musicians, artists, comedians, teachers, public speakers, and entertainers have already found new audiences in the metaverse. Some of them had absolutely no following or name recognition prior; they just hopped in, scheduled events, and dazzled crowds. Meta Ruffy is no different. In-world event listings grab attention and drive traffic. If you have a retail store, use a giveaway as a promotional event. If you have a coffee shop, hire a musician to perform live one Friday night.

Even if you don’t consider yourself talented, there’s still hope. Just grab or rent a parcel of land, set up a prefab coffee shop, and host trivia night or a book club. Like we said, Meta Ruffy is all about entertaining, and these social events provide great low-key fun.

How to set up Shop and Sell NFTs in Ruffy World

If you’re wanting to sell NFTs in Ruffy World, you’ll need to set up shop. You can do this by purchasing a plot of land, renting a storefront, or listing your products on the Meta Ruffy NFT marketplace.


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