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Metaverse fashion runway in Second Life

Vogue just kicked off the first digital version of its iconic fashion show during the inaugural Metaverse Fashion Week in Second Life.

We caught a digitized glimpse of famed fashion designer Jonathan Simkhai’s latest lineups set to release this fall and winter. Simkhai himself also showed up with his insanely tall Second Life avatar to thank the crowd for their attendance.

The fashion show may have been virtual, but the excitement, energy, and passion were very real. Crowds were stunned at the latest offerings and, frankly, at how dazzling virtual fashion really can be. Spectators gushed over the fabrics of each piece and the unique effects made possible by the metaverse.

The owners of Second Life’s popular LeLUTKA fashion brand were also in attendance with stunning apparel of their own. After, their store was abuzz with enthusiasts eager to discuss the evening’s showcase.

The show comes at the heels of Philip Rosedale’s announcement that he’s returning to help revamp the virtual world he created for the metaverse. Fashion has always had a strong foothold in Second Life, and it’s sure to take center stage during that facelift.


Will Simkahai’s Apparel be Available on the Second Life Marketplace?

Now that some of the biggest names in fashion are setting up their metaverse presence, we can’t help but wonder: will they offer their signature work as NFTs? Fashion designers and retailers have already found success in the metaverse (including Second Life and Roblox), and the market for virtual apparel continues growing exponentially.

There hasn’t yet been an announcement on whether or not Simkahai’s virtual counterparts will be coming to the Second Life Marketplace or any other digital venue. In fact, we’re pretty sure this was a test to see how feasible the metaverse is. However, we just can’t help but think that the market has become too lucrative to ignore. So as you begin planning your fall wardrobe later this year, you just might want to consider a new outfit for your virtual avatar as well.


Miss Tonight’s Show? Stop Back by Tomorrow

Metaverse Fashion Week continues tomorrow with a new lineup. Simkhai’s latest fashion will once again adorn the virtual runway each hour between 1pm and 4pm SLT (Pacific Time).



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