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Hyundai has just launched its metaverse presence with Cretaverse in Decentraland.

The move comes as a promotional strategy for their new SUV, the Creta. It’s being showcased at a stand in the museum district.

Visitors can enjoy an interactive view of the new SUV as it spins on a platform, similar to real-world car shows. They can also walk around, peer inside, and jump on the hood. A mixer panel nearby directs visitors to Hyundai’s webpage for more information. It also includes a selfie stand with a real-life picture of the Creta.

They are also giving away “Launch Event Attendance Token” POAP NFTs to those who visit their Decentraland stand today and tomorrow.

The Creta is billed as a modern, edgy, masculine SUV with a “bold exterior crafted to command respect.” It features Blue Link compatibility and GPS integration. It also offers in-voice car commands and can be controlled with a smartphone app. The central console even includes an air purifier that cleans automatically.

The Creta is largely limited to emerging markets. It’s estimated that if the SUV did make a US debut, it would price in at around $18,000.

Hyundai joins a growing list of brands that are exploring the possibilities of the metaverse. So far, much of their efforts are experimental as users and brands alike continue to explore, study, and consider how things will work on the growing platform.



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