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Meta Ruffy released images via Twitter yesterday showing two new segments of its growing “Ruffy World” platform.

The first shows an area clearly inspired by the famous Hollywood sign.

Tweet showing Ruffy World's new Hollywood segment

Meta Ruffy is billing itself as the entertainment district of the metaverse, so an area that pays homage to Hollywood – and that might one day be used to record films in the metaverse – is fitting.

The second Tweet promises free education “for all” in a school dubbed “The Diyor Liam Metaversity.” While the current beta version of Ruffy World has a virtual school, it looks very different from the one pictured in the Tweet.

A Tweet teasing Meta Ruffy's new Diyor Liam Metaversity school

Meta Ruffy has promised free in-world education since its inception. It also also promised to hire real-world professors to teach its classes. However, further details have remained scant.

Meta Ruffy’s Telegram channel was abuzz with speculations about the new areas coming to Ruffy World. Most wonder what it will mean, but very few dare to ask when it will happen. The team typically just answers those questions with “soon.”

These images followed a teaser that was Tweeted earlier this month ahead of LooBr’s launch. It featured two futuristic buildings with the LooBr logo floating above.

Tweet showing Meta Ruffy's new futuristic buidings coming to Ruffy World

Exploring Meta Ruffy’s New Test Areas

Meta Ruffy also has two in-world segments released as “tests” separate from the main beta “Ruffy World” platform.

One resembles a fantasy realm. It features a castle and large animals (which are not yet animated).

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The other is a race track where users can compete for the highest score.

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Neither of these areas have been incorporated into the full release of Ruffy World yet,  but they are publicly available on a test build.

Meta Ruffy has not yet released a date for the full launch of Ruffy World. However, they assure social media followers that it’s coming soon.


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