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Snapple just entered the metaverse by setting up its flagship Bodega store in Decentraland. It has all the colorful vibes of a well-stocked 90s corner store that specializes in Snapple beverages.

But there’s a little more here than meets the eye.

Your first clue to something  bigger  comes from the clerk (bearing the name tag “Destiny’) who sweeps tirelessly in the back.

Destiny will haplessly seek your help in finding  the keys to the back room, labeled “employees only.” A  prompt will remind that the door is locked, but something is beckoning you through.

There are several items laying around, most of which aren’t really useful. You’ll get a bottle cap from the three headed cat if you’re kind enough to pet it. You’ll also receive a random tidbit of trivia. Hint: you might want to memorize some of those facts…or get your favorite search engine ready.

Use that cap to check out at the register. You’ll receive a QR code after scratching the ticket to scan with your phone. To be clear, you DON’T have to use your crypto wallet to scan it (mine wouldn’t even load it). It points to a digital coupon for Snapple tea.

Beyond that, there are a few bottles, a battery pack, and some other items to pick up. But it’s the keys that you’re really after – and the tree misplaced bottles of Snapple.  That’s what unlocks the real experience behind this bodega – but, you’ll have to find them.

Posters in Snapple's Blockchain Bodega

Apparently, Snapple isn’t a big Shiba Inu fan (which takes on a deeper meaning in Web3)

Spoiler alert: if you still can’t find the keys, check near the ATM machine.

The Secret Behind the Door: Snapple’s Metaverse Fantasy World

You might think the bodega’s employee door hides a storage closet or business office. But no – it opens to an entirely new fantasy world.

Snapple's hidden metaverse fantasy world

You’ll start off standing in front of an icy staircase leading up to a floating island. There, the store employee, this time donned in a trendy outfit, will greet you as the bottles you collected earlier float above his head. A waterfall rages nearby. True to his name tag, he’s ready to show you which Snapple Elements flavor you are destined to enjoy based on a few questions.

I was apparently destined for Elements Fire With Dragon Fruity Flavor. It came with a free fire hair wearable NFT. Apparently (and hopefully), it’ll be in my wallet within a day.

The CBS Ghosts metaverse experience in Decentraland had trouble actually distributing its NFTs, so we’ll see if that really happens.

After that, he’ll prompt you to take a Snapple trivia test for the ultimate prize.

Standing near Snapple's metaverse crystal

Note: if you stand here, the music gets louder.

As someone who isn’t exactly a Snapple aficionado, I decided to open up DuckDuckGo and hope for the best. Then, I ascended a cloudy staircase to the now transcended cat.

As it turns out, the questions weren’t actually about Snapple (at least, not directly). Still, having DuckDuckGo handy was definitely  helpful, because I was clueless. Thankfully, there’s no time limit. But if you happen to be both a fruit farmer and a physicist, you’ll  probably kill it.

Admittedly, though, the back and forth made me lose count of how many questions there were. I’m guessing around 5 or 7.

If you get all of the answers correct, you’ll win the Cloud Element, Snapple’s 4th that’s only available in the metaverse. And apparently, it’ll give you a big head.

However, it can also take up to a day to arrive.

After that, it’s time to head back down to the Blockchain Bodega.

It was an interesting little experience, and I’m about what the wearables will look like and how the latter one will actually  impact my avatar.

…I’m also curious to see if they’ll actually arrive this time. I’ll probably write an update in a day or so.





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