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You know what’s great about the metaverse? It’s a place where anyone can bring their imagination to life in ways that just aren’t possible (or, at least, practical) otherwise. That truth takes on new meaning at Isla del Mer in Second Life.

This enchanting estate allows visitors to embark on a beautiful adventure through aquatic ecosystems filled with sharks, stingrays, whales, and countless schools of fish.

Aquatic life in the metaverse

But it doesn’t stop there. Large corral reefs join beautiful ocean fauna to create breathtaking seascapes across submarine canyons. At night, it’s all accentuated by gorgeous bioluminescence.

Submarine Canyon in Second Life

Flying just above the crystal clear waters reveals active volcanoes raging with rivers of lava. The nearby island is home to flowers, shrubs, and carnivorous plants that tower high above avatars.

Extinct Species Resurrected In the Metaverse

But this island is home to more than just plants; if you search long enough, you just might find dinosaurs on the prowl! I even managed to stumble upon a T-Rex after a few minutes of searching. (Don’t worry, the dinos won’t hurt you).

T-Rex roaring on a beach in Second Life

He wasn’t alone. A few raptors could be found lurking deep in the jungle. They seemed to be getting along peacefully with an iguanodon grazing nearby. Meanwhile, pterodactyls flew overhead and around the volcanoes. A lonely brontosaurus grazed at the base of one volcano while glistening in the moonlight.


Something New With Every Visit

At first, the region doesn’t appear particularly large. However, each visit reveals something new. This includes more sites to discover under the sea and more dinosaurs to meet above its surface. As with every metaverse destination, it’s also likely to offer new discoveries with the passage of time.

A large octopus and jelly fish in Second Life

Land lovers and seafarers alike will love the beautiful environments and vibrant designs found at Isla del Mer. See it for yourself:


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