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CBS has rebuilt Woodstone Mansion with meticulous detail (at least, with as much detail as metaverse graphics will allow) in Decentraland, marking the network’s first metaverse project.

It promises to reflect the show’s personality while entertaining guests with games, quests, puzzles, and exclusive NFTs. It also includes the voice talents of several cast members.

CBS has also released a new “wallet” – the “Ghosts Wallet” – in celebration of its new metaverse experience. You’ll need it to redeem several of their free NFTs. However, it is not an actual crypto wallet. You’ll still need one to keep the NFT.

Exploring Woodstone Mansion in the Metaverse

The CBS "Ghosts" photoboard in Decentraland

Woodstone Mansion: Virtual Edition starts visitors off at the courtyard. It features the familiar fountain and walkways. It also includes several haphazardly placed fence links, one of which bears the Woodstone name. To the left, there’s also a promotional photo board.

Visitors are beckoned to set up their wallet upon entering. After that, things begin playing out like an episode from the series, but more interactive. The show’s protagonists ask for help getting their beloved haunted mansion out of the metaverse. Visitors will receive their first NFT after the opening dialogue.

That first NFT token kicks off the adventure to claim the remaining 9 tokens. As mentioned before, you’ll need the Ghost Wallet to receive them.

You’ll encounter a few NPCs featuring the show’s characters. The quests usually involve them asking you to help with a task and thanking you with an NPC. Unfortunately, the link to claim the NFT doesn’t always work. If that’s the case, you might have to wait a while, then start over.

I don’t want to reveal too many details about this “episode’s” plot (no spoilers here), but I will say that having a little knowledge of the show will help you along your quest. Of course, you’ll still be able to find your way along if you’ve never seen it before.

It’s a short, fun experience, and it shows how we can use the metaverse to get a little something extra from the stories we love.


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