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The first metaverse Synagogue officially certified by a rabbi just launched in Decentraland. The building features traditional designs and includes a tower that overlooks nearby mountains.

This comes just days after the first collection of Kosher NFTs were issued by the CryptoJewish community and awarded a kosher certificate by Rabbi Pete Deutsch. The certificate itself is also up for sale as an NFT.

According to CryptoJewish’s listing, their NFT collection features 10,000 digital relics. Each piece averages about 0.1 Ether (about $263 USD as of this writing).

According to Decentraland’s website, the building’s exterior was designed as a digital replica of the Synagogue of Szedged. But the interior is quite different from that or any other official synagogue. It does seem to be missing a few essential pieces.

The ark and Torah cabinet are no where to be found. The only menorah to be found is in the NFTs located upstairs. There also isn’t really a place for visitors to congregate. It’s setup more closely resembles a museum than worship hall. The project is still in its early stages, so it’s possible that some of these essential pieces will still be added.

The Synagogue is located near the Decentraland University and Decentraland Conference Center. Its coordinates are 23, 128.


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