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Halloween has come to the metaverse! And what better place to celebrate the spookiest time of the year?

This year, digital creators are combining the full immersion and  physics-defying experiences that uniquely define the metaverse to create truly unique (and terrifying experiences).

Here, we’ll explore a few of our favorite metaverse Halloween experiences  on its most popular platforms.

Second Life

Second Life gave us our first real look at what a true metaverse will eventually look like – and Halloween has been a big part of its history.

However, a renewed interest in virtual worlds has led SL creators to craft experiences that few could have imagined before.

Laurel’s Nightmare

Bloody footprints in the entrance of Laurel's Nightmare CastleYou could watch your favorite scary movies this Halloween season, or you could experience them first-hand.

Laurel’s Nightmare transforms 23 of the most iconic scenes from classic horror films into terrifying 3D experiences.

A creepy voice eerily reminiscent of distorted early Hollywood fame greets visitors in Laurel’s Dark Castle. From there, users get a quick, spoiler-free introduction of what awaits them ahead.

If you dare to proceed, you’ll be thrust into a pivotal scene from Horror of Dracula. Dramatic music captures the intense moment that Dracula and his brides prepare to strike their victim. Bats flutter about as an eerie red light brings the scene to life.

Frankenstein is up next, and well, I’ll just say that they didn’t hold back on the gory (and darn near controversial) details for this one. It’s a more terrifying scene than the previous one for sure, and that’s before you get to the best part.

I don’t want to drop any spoilers, but suffice it to say that this is one metaverse Halloween destination you don’t want to miss this October. Just  follow the dark portals to get from one scene to the next.  And if you’re ever unsure of where to go, just follow the bloody footsteps.

Nightmare in New Orleans: a Halloween Experience

The streets of Nightmare in New Orleans from Second LifeNew Orleans is already the perfect destination for Halloween freights. Now, add a touch of post-apocalyptic dystopia and remove the laws of physics.

That’s the jist of what you’ll find in this amazing Second Life SIM. Upon entering, Second Life users (residents) will find themselves on a street that’s eerily familiar to anyone who’s ever visited New Orleans – but with that dystopian twist.

Trash and mangled cars litter the streets. Rats roam about freely, and NPCs beg for Linden donations.

But there are more terrors lurking than a dystopian nightmare. Soon after entering, a ghastly female voice can be heard begging for help.

And then there are the horrors just outside of the city, where the dystopian apocalypse quickly turns into a zombie apocalypse.

Beyond that, the road leads to a creepy trail leading to a haunted house escape room!

And that’s hardly the beginning of the horrors awaiting in this Second Life experience. If you’re looking for a fun-filled creepy evening of exploring, definitely stop by.


Roblox tends to be a family-friendly platform, but there are still spooky experiences to be explored.

Halloween Tycoon

Roblox Halloween Tycoon entrance featuring pumpkins and batsImagine if you could build your own Halloween experience without the physical or financial constraints that plague our everyday lives.

That’s where Halloween Tycoon comes in. You can easily build your very own Halloween Town featuring the perfect decor and experiences for you and your friends.

It might take a few minutes of exploring to find an available spot to build your town. You’ll pass towns owned by others who may try to chase you away with their sword just for exploring.

When you find an available spot, just click “touch to claim” to get started. Then, find  the red “start building”  pad.

I will say, though, it has near-constant cha-ching and buzzer sounds that get annoying very quickly. I recommend muting the sound while you build.

Even better, you can rob other players’ tycoons to contribute to your own. Just pull out your sword, turn their character of blocks into a pile of blocks, and take what you like.

Scary Elevator: Halloween Update

Inside the Roblox Scary ElevatorThe already terrifying Scary Elevator Roblox world has just been updated for Halloween.  It features more terrifying floors featuring the most iconic horror  villains from both cinema and Internet lore.

Scary Elevator kicks off in a creepy lobby that has been decked out in awesome Halloween apparel. A timer counts down above, but there’s no indication of why…yet.

After some time, the elevator will transport you to a new nightmarish experience. You can get a weapon while you wait, but…it doesn’t actually do anything. You’ll  have to find another way to survive.

Along the way, you’ll find items that’ll  unlock new items and exclusive content. Survive long enough, and you’ll also earn  bonuses as the elevator takes you to the next experience.

If you dare to venture out first, you’ll get your pick of the bounty. But being the early bird may come at a price…

Roblox may be known for its cartoony graphics, but the fast-paced game play, horrific sound effects, the terrifying…”popups,” we’ll call them, and surprisingly impressive soundtrack still make for a truly terrifying experience.

Multiverse (Oculus App)

Multiverse is an excellent look into what the true metaverse will look like when it arrives. Its users have found creative ways to build experiences and the Infiniverse landscape – and some of those experiences are centered on Halloween! Here are some of our favorites.

Horror Town

Main building in the Horror Town district in Multiverse's Infiniverse (Oculus app)Horror Town is one of the most popular Infiniverse city districts. Its filled with art and buildings that lead to other creepy experiences.

One of our favorites is the Haunted Regal Theater. There, you can watch classic and indie horror films with others or on your own.

You’ll also find several small businesses offering Halloween costumes and decor who have set up (virtual) shop in Multiverse’s Infiniverse.

Even better, if you’re considering a job in the metaverse, one company is hiring!

One team of developers is using their Infiniverse presence to recruit talent for an upcoming metaverse horror experience. They specifically want “mature, responsible, 18+  people who can be scary.” Of course, they also put an emphasis on respecting patrons and fellow cast members.

Horizon Worlds

Horizon Worlds is Meta’s current take on the metaverse. Since they created the Oculus, they know exactly how to optimize it for the best – and most terrifying – experiences. Here are our favorites.

It’s worth mentioning that as a streaming V/R platform with user-generated content, Horizon Worlds does have to cut back on graphics. We have a full guide explaining why metaverse graphics are so bad.

Still, it’s great to see how creative so many of its builders can be with those limitations.

Horizon’s Haunted House

Horizon's Haunted House in the MetaverseMaybe it’s just me, but it seems like V/R was made for haunted house experiences.

So, of course I had to visit Horizon’s Haunted House. It was released just in time for the Halloween season, and it’s a great way to kick off the celebrations metaverse style.

For the most part, the haunted house is easy to traverse. Honestly, the hardest part is remembering to keep your weapon in hand (don’t worry, you’ll only be hitting ghosts).

Just sit back, relax, and explore its creepy hallways as you await the next jump scare. This experience is designed to be family-friendly, so the scares aren’t too bad. I keep forgetting that weapons don’t automatically stay in hand in the metaverse as with video games; you actually have to hold them.

There is one puzzle to solve when you get to the top. Since we hate spoilers, we’ll just let you figure that one out.

This world does have extended voice settings. That just means that other participants can hear you from farther away than normal. Keep that in mind when you think you’re just muttering under your breath.

Zombie Mall

The food lobby in side Horizon World's Zombie Mall as a zombie creeps outWhat’s a metaverse Halloween without a zombie shootout?

What was once a typical suburban mall has been taken over by zombies!

At first, this may not seem like the most exciting experience. Sure, the mall is dimly lit, but the graphics and zombies are a little cartoony. Plus, they only come out one or two at a time.

But then, things change. More zombie start coming – from everywhere. And it’s not just zombies. New enemies come with their own abilities and are more difficult to kill.

You’ll need new weapons, but your path is blocked. You try to strategize with your friends, but they start dying one by one.  And, do you actually have enough money yet even if you make it?

Next thing you know, your heart is pounding and you’re looking desperately in every direction, wondering how you’ll make it to the next wave.

What else?

Which metaverse Halloween experiences did we miss? If there’s something worth mentioning, let us know in the comments below!


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