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United Parcel Service of America has just entered the metaverse with its first virtual UPS Store Newsstand in Decentraland.

The surprisingly humble store debuted just moments ago with a promise to provide small businesses the resources they need to succeed.

A welcome message greets visitors with an interface that cycles through articles. However…it doesn’t work yet. Clicking “previous page” and “next page” doesn’t do anything at the moment.

Metaverse UPS Store Newsstand welcome messageBut, two presentation modules along the wall do work… sort of. They offer tips on what to do and what to avoid in order to succeed as a small business. Some of its authors work at UPS, while others work at well-known B2B platforms. However, the one on the left stops working after the first slide.

These types of hiccups and glitches remain nascent in the metaverse (or, at least, what we currently refer to as the metaverse). The technology is still nascent, and its best uses have yet to be uncovered.

It also includes a seating area and an inspirational poster, but there isn’t much else to see. At least, not yet. A small display in the back corner promises that something great is coming soon. I’m guessing some of it will be found on the upper two floors.

The UPS Store tweeted their announcement of the store on September 27th:

The metaverse UPS Store listed three events throughout the weekend. Perhaps some of the glitches previously mentioned will be fixed by then. But whether they are or not, it’s pretty cool to see more brands getting involved with the metaverse.


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