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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: one of the best aspects of exploring the metaverse is finding incredible, unique experiences born straight from the imagination. And as someone who loves the outdoors, a unique spin on nature always catches my attention.

And that’s the story behind my trip to one recent Second Life destination highlight: Cloud Edge. It’s the perfect place to get away without actually getting away.

Hiking Through the Sky

No working your way up here: Cloud Edge starts right at the top. A rugged wooden platform with support beams stretching below clouds welcomes visitors as birds of prey screech nearby.

A wood and steel drawbridge connects the platform with a nearby summit. It stretches into a trail that leads to another peak. There are a few spots where visitors can pull to the side and pear over the edge, but it kind of feels like looking down on the sky. You’ll only see clouds below. And yes, you can definitely fall off the edge.

Upon reaching the other peak, you’ll begin to hear the sound of rushing water. Look just beyond the valley of clouds to find a beautiful, high-elevation waterfall. You may also find a bald eagle perching along the rocks nearby. Who knew you could go bird-watching in the metaverse?

Just past that, you’ll find another rope bridge that seems to disappear into the clouds. And for a moment, it does. But then, the silhouettes of new peaks begin to break through. Soon after, the path will lead you through a short cave before offering a much closer view of the waterfall.

And those are just a few of the spots that you can walk to. Take flight to discover even more.

Why the Metaverse is a Great Place to Explore Nature

I’m often asked why, as an outdoorsy guy, I enjoy spending time in the metaverse. It’s true; you can’t really compete with nature…unless:

  • the weather’s bad
  • money is tight
  • you just don’t have time to travel on a given day
  • you’re among the millions of people limited by a disability

Personally, during this time of the year, I don’t typically get off work until it’s dark. So, exploring the outdoors just isn’t as practical during the week. Of course, exploring a metaverse location that gets me pumped for the weekend is.

Also, I love exploring the creativity of others. And in the metaverse, you don’t just see their creativity on display, you experience it!

So, if you’d like to enjoy an hour or two of tranquility without leaving home, definitely check out Cloud Edge.



I'm equal parts tech nerd and adventurer. I absolutely love all things blockchain, metaverse, and digital marketing. When I'm not typing away on my keyboard, I can often be found exploring Chattanooga's hiking trails or climbing its world-class crags. Learn more about me on my LinkedIn profile.

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