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Please note: no one can predict the future. This is just an opinion piece. Investments of any kind always come with risk. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Big tech has big plans for the metaverse, and we’re already seeing massive investments in it for 2022.

Once these investments pay off and more people understand the real utility and value of the metaverse, we expect to see big gains – and that includes metaverse cryptocurrency projects.

Here, we’ll cover two of our favorites – one for big investors, and one that’s suitable for nearly any budget.

Ether: Here’s Why it’ll Probably Beat Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s value is benefiting greatly from its name recognition, but its blockchain’s utility is limited. However, Ethereum exists more as as platform for developing decentralized apps (dapps). It’s also open-source and has a blockchain that’s better suited for expansion – and its Ether cryptocurrency is its exclusive payment method for transactions.

I believe the only thing currently holding back Ether’s true potential as a cryptocurrency is a lack of awareness. Most people still associate “blockchain” with cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Very few people realize its vast opportunities beyond these two uses.

However, that’s starting to change. More organizations are finding value in blockchain technologies, especially in Ethereum’s dapps. As awareness grows, so will adoption. Once that happens, more dapps will be built and published. This means an increase in gas (a measure of processing power), which is covered by Ether.

Meta Ruffy: a Bullish Cryptocurrency Affordable on Any Budget

Ether is great, but it’s also expensive. If you have a more modest budget and hope to make big gains, there are a few reasons to consider Meta Ruffy.

Meta Ruffy is a newer crypto that’s tied to the economy of Ruffy World. As of this writing, Ruffy World is still in development – it doesn’t yet have an economy.

Despite this, Meta Ruffy has already performed extremely well. Its presale sold out in a matter of seconds, it killed a zero in near record time, and it’s already been covered by several mainstream sources. Again, this all happened before the completion of Ruffy World, the economy of which is the driver of Meta Ruffy’s true potential.

Meta Ruffy is also backed by a solid team. They managed to gain tens of thousands of followers in just a couple of months and won the most Innovative Company Award during last month’s Dubai Crypto Expo.

Needless to say, once Ruffy World is complete, it already has the momentum needed to drive a strong user base, which will ultimately build its economy. If Ruffy World develops a robust economy, the value of Meta Ruffy will skyrocket.

Yes, that’s a big if. However, both Decentraland and The Sandbox have currencies that are worth more than the US dollar, even though they both started off at significantly smaller amounts. So, if Ruffy World really can set itself apart as the entertainment district of the metaverse, it has the potential to beat both.

Given what we’ve learned about the team behind Meta Ruffy – and the large following of supporters they’ve built – we’re optimistic.

Final Thoughts

Before you begin buying crypto, always remember that investments come with risk. For example, enterprises may ultimately find more value in Hyperledger than in Ethereum. And Meta Ruffy’s team may find it difficult to scale once growth begins.

We’re not saying these things will happen, just that anything can happen. These cryptocurrencies may crash and hit the moon several times over the next few years. Or they may not.

Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to make wise financial decisions. Use due diligence to learn more about the industry and the projects that you’d like to invest in. While we believe that these are the best 2022 metaverse cryptocurrencies to invest in, 2023 may prove us wrong.


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