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Last month, we covered Second Life’s inaugural Metaverse Fashion Week. Now, MVFW is once again underway in Decentraland.

This time, it features more collections and a series of displays that are available around the clock. Several vendors are participating with their own galleries, including mainstream and prominent metaverse designers. Here’s a quick look at what’s trending/the key players.

Cash Labs Gallery Dominates the Show

Cash Labs Gallery is dominating MVFW by showcasing some of 2022’s hottest mainstream and metaverse fashion designers in its gallery. Its pieces include the latest designs from The Fabricant, Botter, Jason Ebeyer, DressX, Auroboros, and BryteHall.

The impressive collections are spread over their impressive four-story gallery. Each floor is dedicated to a different theme, with the first serving as an introduction to metaverse fashion. The second offers a glimpse at the future of fashion, while the third features stunning, sometimes outrageous outfits that could only exist in the metaverse. The top floor features a fashion film festival showcasing the latest outfits from the industry’s top designers.

Here’s a quick look at a few of the displays at the Cash Labs gallery.

Dragon City Fashion

The latest styles taking Asia by storm are on display now at Dragon City Fashion. They’re hosting a variety of contests for free wearable NFTs while showcasing the trendy apparel for both the metaverse and mainstream. Their collection includes both real-world photographs and outfits that could only exist in the metaverse.

Here’s a quick look at Dragon City Fashion’s take on Metaverse Fashion Week:

Forever 21’s Next Metaverse Hub

Forever 21 made headlines when they opened their first metaverse presence in Roblox. Apparently, it was a success; they revealed their Decentraland hub during MVFW 2022.

The Decentraland experience is very different from the one found in Roblox. Rather than build their own fashion store, users can browse Forever 21’s latest fashions for both the metaverse and the mainstream. They can also purchase exclusive NFTs for their avatars, with some pieces pushing upwards of 10.21 Manna ($30 USD).

A few highlights from Forever 21’s Decentraland gallery:

Portal Fashion District

The Portal Fashion District has become a staple among metaverse fashion designers. So, it was no surprise to see their vendors displayed prominently during MVFW 2022. Several galleries featured real items that can be purchased as NFTs. The dazzling fashion district will continue showcasing the latest trends in metaverse apparel.

Here are a few highlights from Portal’s vendors:

Missed the Show? The Galleries are Still Live!

Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week ended yesterday, but the galleries are still live! Now is your last chance to browse the latest trends that dazzled and amazed audiences last week. You can browse the entire list of participants and their in-world locations at the official Metaverse Fashion Week website.


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