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Chester Cheeto officially has a home (and pretty awesome car) in the metaverse. Chesterville marks Cheetos’ first VR presence just in time for Halloween.

To get there, you’ll need an Oculus V/R headset with Horizon Worlds, an app designed by Meta to serve as its first step into the metaverse.

Entering Chesterville

Welcome to Chesterville signChesterville focuses more on “tricks” than treats. Players have a mischief meter that increases as they wreak havoc on Chesterville and other players. Fill your mischief meter to the max, and you’ll gain entry to that massive, spooky mansion looming over town.

The tiny neighborhood is decked out in Halloween decor. The residents here seem to love the holiday (aside from one grumpy old many who’ll chase you away with a broom). Here’s how you can add a little mayhem to their lives and fill your mischief meter:

  • TP: the all-time classic! You’ll find random rolls of toilet paper laying on the streets and in a few yards. Use them, well, just like you would in the real world! Oh, but watch out for that pesky old man with a broom.
  • Branded wand: There are also wands that can be found randomly laying on the group. Use them to throw the Cheetos logo on people’s houses and Chester’s car.
  • Pumpkin grenades: Keep an eye out for small pumpkins that pop up around town. You can throw them at other players to slow their movement. Your mischief bar will soar and you’ll get to prank others. It’s a win-win!

Alternative Method of Entry

Chesterville Cemetery

If tricks aren’t your thing (or if they’re taking too long), there’s supposed to be one other form of entry. If you look closely, you’ll  find bones scattered around Chesterville. And if you visit the graveyard in  front of the mansion’s fence, you’ll see a sign claiming to offer a shortcut into the mansion.

So I did that; I collected all ten bones, assembled them in the graveyard, and was given another bone that I was supposed to throw. So what happened?

I threw the bone, and it came right back. It appeared in my virtual hands automatically no matter where or how hard I threw it. And at no point did it give me a shortcut into the mansion.

Hopefully, this is just a bug that they’ll fix soon. But for now (at least, for me), it isn’t working.

Entering the Mansion

Entrance to Chesterville entrance

Once your mischief bar is complete, the gate will open and you’ll be able to enter the mansion. I don’t like to give away spoilers, so I’ll just offer a few quick details. First, this is one of those cases in which the journey is better than the destination. Second, you’ll have a chance to help decide the literal,  real-world future of Cheetos. And finally, there’s a great view overlooking the little mountain town of Chesterville.


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