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You know what’s great about the metaverse? You won’t have to leave home to enjoy haunts and frights this Halloween season! We’ve previously covered our favorite metaverse Halloween experiences, but have since found a hidden (and frightful) gem that probably should’ve made the list: Haunted Island Amusement Park in Second Life.

Halloween Island Amusement Park is a vast, expansion, and completely free Second Life destination.

Entering Halloween Island Amusement Park

Things kick off in a raggedy wooden shed. Loud banging, hooting owls, and crows cawing greet visitors right away. It’s all carried by an ominous howling wind. Dark clouds float slowly overhead. A light fog glistens the ground.

A sign nearby shows the seven experiences that visitors are dared to explore.

Stepping outside reveals the haunting moans of the dead – and a few ghosts can already be spotted in the distance (among other things). One poor skeletal soul nearby keeps dying and resurrecting.

Beyond that, a few vendor carts promise to warm your soul and provide a piece of Heaven just in front of a haunted graveyard. I discover the park’s first ride just beyond that: a broom ride.

Taking Flight on a Broom

To begin your flight, just site on the broom. It takes off slowly at first. You can easily speed up or slow down the same way that you’d walk forward or backward. Just use the page up and down buttons to fly higher or lower.

Oh, and this is a self-paced ride. You can go in any direction you want at your leisure. It’ll also get you out of precarious situations: I managed to narrowly avoid a zombie’s grip along the way.

I do recommend flying a bit slowly since Second Life is known for its lag. You just might miss some of Halloween Island’s coolest feature if you’re moving too fast.

While flying around, I noticed a long, peculiar object spiraling above. I tried flying to the top, but discovered that was both a waste and a spoiler. There’s a much easier and better way to get up there (more on that later).

Pumpkin Carriage Ride Through the Graveyard

After that, I decided to explore the graveyard just past the broom ride. I found the next ride near its gate: a pumpkin carriage. I also managed to drive through a ghost lady before nearly getting attacked by snakes.

Zombies and skeletons appear seemingly  from no where before lunging as you pass by. A few other haunting scenes, such as a jack-o-lantern and a hapless ghost, can also be found along the way.

If you like jump scares,  this is a neat little ride that won’t take more than a few minutes.

The Haunted House Ride

Remember those small haunted houses that you would through on a car at fairs as a little kid? Well, I just found the metaverse take on it!

Outside, it looks mostly like a typical ride that you  probably saw at a carnival (albeit with more graphic decor). But inside…well, there’s a reason that you’re riding around in a coffin.

This place easily defies the laws of physics and is MUCH bigger on the inside than it appears on the outside. It also uses special effects that mess with the senses, despite being on a computer screen! It’s amazing how they did that.

Of course, I’m not one to drop any spoiler alerts, but I will say that you’ll definitely want to follow the instructions  for this one. It also helped that I experienced it with a surround sound system…

Visiting Halloween Island Amusement Park in Second Life is worth the trip just for this experience alone. And yet, there’s still so much more to see…

Halloween Putt-Putt Golf!

Putt-putt golf is already tons of fun, but HALLOWEEN putt-putt? Yes, please! This is my first time playing putt-putt in the metaverse, and I’m so glad that it came with a Halloween theme.

Classic Haunted House

The  haunted house ride earlier was pretty amazing, but  the island also features a classic haunted house.

A creepy little girl with a disfigured doll stands just in front of its porch. A creepy distorted voice can be heard singing trying to sing lullabies as hideous laughter flows out.

As I move towards the door, a flurry of spiders suddenly surround me as a crow caws desperately. Some freaky distorted music also begins playing and an invisible dog barks madly. My final warnings not to enter (which, of course, I ignore).

The sounds, sights, and haunts become more intense as I continue deeper into the dilapidated house.


Test Driving the Ghostbusters Ecto 1

If you were looking closely at the pictures posted along the way, you probably noticed a large structure just floating high in the air.

As it turns out, this is a test-driving track for several vehicles available in the southeastern corner of the park.

Naturally, I had to choose the Ecto 1 from Ghostbusters (although I would’ve went for the Batmobile if it had been available).

As it turns out, this track is massive – and even with the car in turbo mode, I still didn’t have the patience to take it all the way to the top. However, there were a few more experiences to enjoy along the way…

…and so much more

Don’t worry,  there are still plenty of other attractions to explore and intrigue to be enjoyed. If you want a hint of where to go next, check out the images below. You can also read about our other metaverse Halloween experiences.

Happy Halloween!


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