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Most apartments in the Multiverse Oculus app are limited to a few standard cliche layouts with basic furnishings. I mean, they look nice as individual apartments, but when you visit more than few, they kind of run together. Fortunately, FTL occasionally offers limited-edition upgrades as apartment skins. And their latest release will have you ready for a virtual zombie outbreak!

The new limited edition skin was announced Friday via Multiverse’s Facebook group. It’s only available for a few days. Here’s a quick look at how it’ll transform your Infiniverse apartment into a fortified zombie hideout (complete with undead roommates).

Your Freshly Ravaged Apartment

While most Infiniverse apartments feature a fresh renovated design, these hideouts have been ravaged by years of turmoil. The paint is peeling, the windows are boarded up, and boxes serve as sofas. It’s like college all over again.

Speaking of college life, you’ll also find a new roommate. Not just any roommate though, the annoying kind that always eats, never pays rent, and smells like death. At least he sports a killer bomber coat. Meet your new zombie roommate!

Other-Worldly Lookout Balcony

The balconies of these apocalyptic apartments have been transformed into fortified overlooks. Each side features concrete barricades topped with coiled wires. An orange barrel serves as a makeshift telescope stand. It’s used to survey the dark, nightmarish landscape of a now ravaged Infiniverse.

An empty cage stands ready to prevent useful prisoners from escape (or to provide last-minute protection against a monstrous threat). One of your zombie roommates can be found hanging out on the balcony’s edge.


What’s an apocalyptic hideout your essential survival gear? The zombie apartment skin comes packed all of the supplies you’ll need to fend off the zombie apocalypse. A shelf in the corner offers plenty of guns and ammunition to keep hoards of the undead at bay. Melee weapons can be found scattered across the floor, along with tacos and snacks to keep you fueled through it all.


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