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The world of sports is tearing down tired old cliches by bringing some of its biggest names and teams to the metaverse. The seemingly odd couple of athleticism and Web 3.0 has found quite a bit of common ground in the virtual space, and fans of both are taking note.

Here, we’ll cover a few ways that sports legends, teams, and brands are building vast new experiences in the metaverse.

Nike Brings Mixed Sports Experiences to Roblox with NIKELAND

How many times have you wished that you could try out the look and feel of new running apparel before you buy? Many of us have learned the hard way that it doesn’t always pan out as well as we’d hoped.

Nike is giving fans a unique chance to see its apparel in action at their leisure with NIKELAND. In it, users can don Nike apparel as they run, jump, and compete in obstacle courses that defy the laws of physics.

The NFL Player’s Association is Bringing Football Legits (NFTs) to Upland

The Monopoly-like metaverse real estate game is minting specialized NFTs called “legits” in celebration of its partnership with the NFLPA. They can be purchased, earned through in-game minting events, or found while roaming Upland’s map.

These legits resemble real-world NFL memorabilia and feature the names and numbers of football’s biggest stars. Like real memorabilia, legits can be digitally autographed with a record of the signature authenticated on the blockchain.

David Beckham and the DigitalBits Blockchain

Legendary footballer/soccer player David Beckham has partnered with DigitalBits to better connect with fans via the metaverse. He will soon release an NFT collection on the DB blockchain and has become a global ambassador for the brand.

It’s actually a pretty big deal for a Web 3.0 platform to have a world-renowned athlete on their team. He has the potential to reach across barriers and show that the utility of the metaverse extends well beyond tech enthusiasts.

Adidas is Setting Up Shop in The Sandbox

We previously covered big brands that were featured in The Sandbox Alpha: Season 2. Adidas was one of those brands. They haven’t finished building their experience yet, but we’re guessing that it’ll look something like NIKELAND in Roblox. A fitness-oriented chimp promises as much while we wait.

The Atlanta Braves Have Announced a Virtual Stadium in the Metaverse

The World Series champions have announced a metaverse version of its Truist Park Stadium located just outside of Atlanta. Details are still scarce, but we do know that it’ll be powered by Unreal Engine with an investment by Sony Group Corp.

The team hopes to provide a more interactive experience for fans of any location. This most likely means that it will include a variety of activities. We’re hoping a classic (albeit virtual) game of American baseball will be included among them.

The Future of Sports in the Metaverse

What we’ve discussed here is hardly the beginning when it comes to sports and its impact on the metaverse. As NFTs continue to gain popularity, we fully expect to see more collectibles and memorabilia fill the metaverse. We’re also excited to see how major leagues will use the metaverse to provide interactive experiences for fans during their off seasons.


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