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Second Life is the original platform that allows users to build a world filled with whatever their minds can imagine.

Personally, I love dystopian themes in fiction (although not so much in the real world). So, I naturally wanted to see how other enthusiasts may have brought their passion to life.

Discovering Dystopian Nights in Second Life

My search did not disappoint. While there was a surprising lack of results, the top one quickly caught my eye. Dystopian Nights promised a unique experience with a futuristic theme. And it delivered.

Exploring Dystopian Nights

Things kick off in a busy alley. People go about their business despite an active crime scene investigation nearby. A rugged cop keeps civilians at bay. Rats scurry across the streets and side walks unnoticed.

The tourist kiosk recommends grabbing a free gas mask from the nearby vending machine. It’s fitting, as a thick cloud of pollution floats just above.

From there, you can head down your choice of dark alleys or take the stairs to the upper level. The city’s creator cited Blade Runner and The Fifth Element as his inspiration, and that becomes evident pretty quickly.

Traversing the Dark Alleys

The alleys represent classic elements from dystopian cities. It’s also eerily reminiscent of Kowloon Walled City, a former district of Hong Kong that existed as a real-life dystopian city for over four decades. It, too, had a large population for its small size.

Much like that city, makeshift vendors set up shop in whatever corner of Dystopian Nights they feel best suits their needs. Fruit and fish stands rest against heavy, battered metal walls.

Along the way, you’ll find works of art posted by residents desperate to bring a sense of hope, peace, and culture to their ravaged city.

The Entertainment District

Occasionally, you’ll come across a heavily armed solider blocking an entrance to a restricted area. Apparently, Second Life residents are considered authorized personnel, because I was able to walk right in without incident.

One such area revealed a slightly more upscale vending and entertainment area. Stan Lee makes a special guest appearance here! It also included an arcade.

Exploring the Upper Levels

You’ll pass a 24/7 diner on your way to the upper level (dine at your own risk). Once you reach the upper level, you’ll be greeted by a special cameo of Chloe Price (Life is Strange) before continuing to the entertainment district.

Here, you’ll find restaurants, bars, a motel, and a couple of flying cars because…why not? There’s not much room to move, but there are a few secrets to uncover (no worries, no spoilers here!).

If you explore closely enough, you’ll also find an upscale apartment building that seems a little out of place…at first.

Overall, it was a cool little segment to discover while exploring. It’s great RP area (if you’re into that kind of thing) with a dystopian twist.


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