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Music  is playing an important role in the metaverse. Singers and musicians from all genres have found a chance to share their art in the virtual world after the mainstream overlooked their talent.

So, it’s only natural that we’re going to see them perform virtual concerts as the metaverse continues to grow. They can more easily (and affordably) connect with their audience.

Fans can also enjoy live performances when  seeing their favorite indie artist in person just isn’t feasible. It’s a win-win!

The event was hosted at Infini-Music, a virtual venue that specializes in metaverse concerts.

The concert hall featured a physics-defying layout and an awesome view of a canyon under a night sky.

What it’s Like Attending a V/R Metaverse Concert

Concerts in virtual reality create an immersive experience that redefines the laws of gravity. This particular Multiverse concert hall featured seating areas floating in mid-air because, why not?

Attendees can sit with a group of friends in their own private area without other fans blocking their view. The layout also offers a great view from any angle.

Of course, giving some space between yourselves and others doesn’t mean tuning them out. Sound in the metaverse doesn’t follow the laws of physics either, so you can still hear other attendees regardless of how close or far they might be. It’s a little strange to hear someone who appears to be a hundreds yards away sound as if they’re about 20 feet in front of you.

Huntley’s Metaverse Concert

Huntley, an indie acoustic rock/folk artist from Virginia,  streamed live via a massive projection-style screen stretched across the concert hall. This takes a different approach from most other virtual concerts in which performers have their own avatars (Travis Scott’s 2020 metaverse concert comes to mind).

The virtual venue featured glass walls and ceilings, revealing a beautiful night sky high above a desert mountain range. The surrounding lights are dim, putting extra focus on the brightly-lit projection screen.

Due to some technical difficulties on my end, I didn’t quite make it early enough to hear his introduction. I arrived just before he began performing his first song. I passed a couple of avatars apparently belonging to kids conversing excitedly.

I hopped around trying to find the perfect seat as Huntley performed his rendition of Otis Redding’s “The Dock of the Bay.” Occasionally, I could hear other attendees conversing, but the concert’s audio was definitely set to a higher pitch, so it wasn’t too bad.

The Experience of a V/R Concert in Multiverse

The venue’s designers did a great job setting the perfect mood for Huntley’s performance. I have say, just as with a real-world outdoor concert, I often found myself enjoying the stars and setting sun as the music continued in the background. It’s strange how a virtual venue can still make that sentiment feel so real.

Huntley also did a great job of addressing an audience that he likely couldn’t see. He seemed to be streaming on more than just the Multiverse platform, yet he still gave shout-outs to attendees – including me!

Huntley performed for about two hours (sadly, I had to miss the last half-hour). However, he and Infini-Music promise more metaverse concerts in the future. If you want to attend future shows, just follow Infini-Music on Facebook for their latest event listings.


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