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Ukrainians have faced unprecedented hardships and suffering since Russia’s unprovoked attack. Several metaverse platforms are responding to the crisis by expressing their support (both in writing and through donations) for victims and refugees.

Second Life

A metaverse work of art expressing sadness over Ukraine

Second Life has announced financial support for the relief efforts currently underway in Ukraine. They are also suspending all premium and land fee payments from users in the affected region with no further impact to their account.

Even better, LindenLabs and Second Life users are hosting in-world events to help those victimized by Russia’s aggression. Here are a few of their signature events:

  • Ukraine’s Fragile Street Art: Last night’s exhibition showcased unique in-game pieces crafted by Ukrainian artists. It also helped raise awareness of the relief efforts currently underway.


Ukrainian NFT Created By CarbonCoffee

User CarbonCoffee is selling a Ukrainian themed in-game NFT with all proceeds going to Ukrainian relief efforts. The simple cup features Ukraine’s flag colors and boasts a total supply of 100,000. Only a few have sold so far, so now is a great time to get yours and support an important cause.


Upland’s Ukrainian team has played a crucial role in the platform’s development since the very beginning. Unfortunately, that team was located in Mykolayiv, one of the hardest-hit areas. Upland is pledging financial support for relief efforts and plans to distribute that support through their local team’s connections with the Mykolayiv city council.

They are also selling Ukrainian themed NFTs to help fund relief efforts, and the sales from several plots of land have been designated as donations.


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