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Second Life has been a long-time supporter of the American Cancer Society (among other nonprofits). In fact, it was one of the first platforms to bring philanthropy to the metaverse. And now, their biggest giving event of the year – The Second Life Christmas Expo – is underway for its 12th year – or 11th, or 15th, depending on the source (Linden Labs has claimed all three).

This massive region is full of fun Christmas games, live music, and experiences that all benefit the fight against childhood cancer. Join us as we explore the Expo’s many areas and some of the yuletide fun found in each!

Note: It may seem like I covered a lot, but unfortunately, I hardly had time to scratch the surface. If you want to enjoy some Christmas fun while supporting a great cause, hop on in and experience it for yourself!

Lights of Hope (Metaverse Christmas Decorations!)

Entrance to Lights of Hope at Second Life's Christmas Expo

Lights of Hope is an area hosting a Christmas home decoration contest. Several houses with very different styles are decked out in Christmas decor. Visitors can vote for their favorite house by donating to its ACS kiosk.

This is pretty much the metaverse version of driving through that one neighborhood known for its beautiful Christmas displays (I just visited one this past weekend).

The homes are based on this year’s theme of “The Magic of the Holidays Stories.” Lights of Hope drew inspiration from “The Nutcracker,” which is pretty evident as you explore the area.

There were DOZENS of homes here showcasing so much creativity for the Christmas season. Some reflected the style of those “must-see” neighborhoods mentioned earlier. Others completely defied the laws of physics and pushed the boundaries of human imagination.

Admittedly, I’m not yet sure what prize awaits the winner. However, the votes will be tallied on December 11, so stick around to find out!

Unfortunately, I just didn’t have time to get pictures of them all, but I will post a few below. Which one would YOU vote for?

Christmas Designs: The Shopping Area

Entrance to Christmas Designs in Second Life's Christmas expo

What would a Christmas expo be without shopping? There’s certainly plenty of it at SL’s Christmas Expo! Some of the grid’s most affluent designers have offered signature wares to support the cause. All sales go to benefit the American Cancer Society, of course. Vendors receive more publicity for their stores in return.

So, what fashion trends are currently taking Second Life by storm? If the Christmas Designs area is any indication, bold colors are definitely in. However, they’re also accented by minimalist patterns, often contrasting in color.

Obviously, seasonal fashion is also trending. Several brands are celebrating the Christmas season with unique holiday-themed designs.

But there’s more than just apparel at Christmas Designs; home fashions are on display as well! Some vendors are offering Christmas decor for virtual homes, while others are selling pieces that are great year-round.

Build a Snowman Contest

Entrance to "Build a Snowman" in the Second Life Christmas Expo

Some of Second Life’s most seasoned builders also came together to compete in the snowman building contest. I’ve seen some pretty unique snowmen in my life, but none like the ones showcased here!

As with Lights of Hope, visitors vote for their favorite snowman by donating to its ACS kiosk. Personally, I had a hard time choosing a favorite. Some feature classic designs, while others find creative ways to make us laugh or really capture the feels.

Fortunately, you can vote for more than one snowman. Maybe that’s not as much fun, but I decided to anyway.

Gingerbread Pirates by Lil Monsters Inc.

Entrance to Gingerbread Pirates by Lil Monsters Inc.


Lil Monsters Inc., a Second Life designer of metaverse children’s apparel, is also sponsoring an entire area dedicated to the theme of gingerbread pirates.

I can’t say that idea had ever crossed my mine, but now, I’m obsessed with it. Gingerbread pirates can be found sailing the high seas, making new gingerbread pirates, and getting abducted by aliens.

And, of course, the gingerbread pirate district also features shopping areas. Most of the items are children’s decor designed by Lil Monsters Inc., but there are home decorations (mostly Christmas themed, obviously) up for sale as well.

A section of this area is also dedicated to a Christmas tree contest! This one also accepts votes in the form of donations to the ACS.

Photos With Santa

Sitting in Santa's lap in the metaverse at Second Life's Christmas Expo

It’s true – Santa has come to the metaverse! SL residents can have their pictures taken with St. Nick’s digital likeness by giving a small donation (100% of which benefits the ACS). Obviously, Santa’s busy this time of year. He only has so much time for metaverse pictures, so if you’d like yours, check his Second Life schedule first.

See The Second Life Christmas Expo for Yourself!

Like I said, there’s so much more to see at the SL Christmas Expo than we had time to cover here. Go check it out for yourself, support a great cause, and have fun! Also, enjoy a few extra pictures from the event below.

Merry Christmas!


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