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Earlier this year, Second Life’s creator announced his return to the platform to help revamp it for the metaverse. One of the most significant changes came out just a few weeks ago: Second Life University.

It’s being developed as a YouTube channel that works in conjunction with Second Life’s blog.

SLU helps new users learn more about the Second Life platform and how to make the most of their experience. It also helps build skills that are useful in the metaverse as a whole.

Learning About the Metaverse Through Second Life

Second Life has historically been a great place to start for those just entering the metaverse. All new users begin their journey on a tutorial island with a shipwreck theme. It’s a fun way to learn how to navigate through the Second Life platform.

However, there’s only so much that a tutorial island can show new users without overwhelming them. There are still many other skills to learn – including those that allow users to start building their own part of Second Life, along with those that relate to the metaverase at large.

Delving Deeper with Second Life University

Linden Labs set up Second Life University for those who want to delve deeper into both. As of this writing, it includes three videos.

Each begins by covering a basic concept, then delves deeper with clever tricks and additional applications. Here’s a quick overview of each current video:

  • Viewer basics: every virtual world has a viewer. This one introduces the official viewer released by Linden Labs. It covers what each button does and how some of the most useful tasks can be accomplished.
  • Land & Group Basics: Metaverse land is hot right now, and we’ve previously covered how Second Life has some of the cheapest land in the metaverse. But how do you buy it, use it, manage it, and attract visitors? That’s what this guide to land and groups covers.
  • How To Purchase Clothing and Dress Your Avatar: Earlier this year, Second Life hosted the world’s first Metaverse Fashion Week. In it, we saw a few of the top trends to hit both real-world and metaverse fashion. But how do you browse, choose, and buy those outfits for yourself? This video answers those questions.

Linden Labs promises that future videos will help beginners learn how to script, design, and build. Each of these skills are very useful both in Second Life and beyond.

Will There be an In-World Second Life University?

Second Life University helps consolidate the plethora of information available across the web. SL has been around for a while, so there are plenty of tutorials covering a variety of topics. However, they’re a bit scattered Linden Labs thought it would be prudent to consolidate and organize much of that information.

However, there are also several classes and virtual training centers in Second Life. Each of these cover various skills needed in the metaverse. So, will Second Life consolidate that information into an in-world university? Time will tell, but it will likely depend on the success of SLU and feedback from users.


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